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How to utilize your iTunes for use with your SwiMP3 Please be aware that all the SwiMP3 line of players do not have licensing to any of the songs that.

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1 How to utilize your iTunes for use with your SwiMP3 Please be aware that all the SwiMP3 line of players do not have licensing to any of the songs that are purchased through iTunes. In that case please look to the section labeled Burning a CD using iTunes and follow the proceeding sections, then back to changing preferences.

2 Information Our player only supports MP3 and WMA formats. MP3 is also known as MPEG 1,2,or 3 audio files iTunes uses AAC format which is also known or seen as MPEG4 We have to convert the files in your iTunes from AAC (mpeg4) to MP3(mpeg audio File) in order for your SwiMP3 player to play them. If you have purchased music from iTunes these files are protected so you do not duplicate them. In the following slides I will show you how to change your preferences in iTunes so that from now on when you import music into iTunes from a CD or another music program the selections will automatically be in MP3 format. How to convert existing AAC format songs into MP3 format. How to burn and import a CD using iTunes

3 Changing Preferences

4 Choose Edit

5 Choose preferences

6 Choose Advanced

7 Notice the Import Using field. Since iTunes uses AAC Format the default here is AAC Encoder. We are Going to change that to MP3 Encoder.

8 Here is the drop down menu for this field. We are going to highlight MP3 Encoder Once you have chosen MP3 Encoder click on OK. By changing this, everything you import into your iTunes will be in MP3 Format.

9 Converting from AAC To MP3.

10 Every song on this playlist is in AAC format. We are going to convert the song that is highlighted Bubbly into MP3 format.

11 Once you have highlighted the song you are going to convert right click on it. When you right click that song you will get the drop down menu you see to your right. You are going to choose the option that is highlighted on that menu Convert Selection to MP3. Once you left click on this option the song will automatically start converting

12 As your songs are converting you will notice 2 things 1. You will see Converting the name of the song at the top of your screen. 2. You will see an orange icon and the word converting over to your left hand side.

13 Your songs that you have just converted will be mixed in w/ the rest of them, to locate them go to the white search bar at the top right of your iTunes. In this box type in the name(s) of your songs one at a time(1). Notice in the example that the song appears twice(2). Under the column kind you will see two different formats(3). The MPEG audio file is the selection that will work on your SwiMP3 player. 1 2 3

14 Burning A CD using iTunes

15 You want to start off by making a playlist of the songs you want to burn to your CD. You do this by going to file and selecting New Playlist

16 A new playlist will automatically add to your list. It will say in the box untitled playlist. In this example I have changed the name of the Playlist to My Music.

17 Now you need to go through your music and highlight and drag the songs together or one at a time to your playlist. This what you will see as you are dragging them. ***** Hint- to Highlight more than one item at a time hold Down the CTRL key as you are clicking on them. *******

18 Choose your playlist on the left hand side. All of your songs you just added to your playlist are now showing. At this point the only thing left to do is Burn your CD. Click on the Burn Disc Button On the bottom right hand corner of your iTunes.

19 Once you click the Burn Disc Button you will notice at the top that it is now writing the songs on your playlist to the disc. Once it is complete it will close out and make a slight noise to let you know it is complete.

20 Importing a CD into iTunes

21 This is even more simple that burning a CD. If your iTunes is open when you insert the disk to be imported you will get this prompt. You just choose yes and the CD will begin to be imported into your iTunes library.

22 Once the importing process has started you will see two things. At the top you will see importing and the name of the song, also you will see an orange icon beside the song that is currently being imported. Once the songs have all been imported A green circle with a check mark in it will replace the orange icon. You will need to search for your music using the same method as I showed you in previous slide(s).

23 Loading Music All things in the following slides that are highlighted in BLUE are referring to your SwimP3.

24 When you plug your SwiMP3 player into a USB port on your computer this should be the box that appears on your desktop. If you will notice the option highlighted Open Folder. This is the option you want to choose. If this box does not appear You would need to Go to your My Computer Folder and open The removable disk folder from there.

25 This is your removable disk folder. Please make sure that this folder is completely maximized on your screen.

26 Once you have your removable disk folder open the next thing to do is open your iTunes. This is your iTunes folder. Notice right now the folder is completely maximized to cover the entire screen.

27 In this shot the iTunes has been minimized to show the removable disk folder in the background. In order for you to drag your music from iTunes into your removable disk folder this must be the set up.

28 In this slide I have highlighted a particular song. The step you must take next is the process of dragging the song into your removable disk folder.

29 Notice the song that was highlighted in the previous screen now appears to be ghosted this is what the selection will look like as you are dragging

30 In this screen you see the song still ghosted but is showing in your removable disk folder. At this point is when you let off your mouse and the song will began to download into your folder.

31 When the song begins to download into your folder the iTunes will minimize and this is the screen you will see. This is showing you that you are copying a file into your removable disk folder.

32 Finished product. Your song is now in the removable disk folder.

33 After you have completed moving all of your songs onto your SwiMP3 you must safely remove the device (hardware). If you will notice at the bottom right hand of the screen a small icon that is a green arrow w/ a grey disk underneath it. This is the icon that you must click on to safely remove your device.

34 Once you click on this icon it will show you a list of hardware attached to your computer Choose the drive that you have been working in. In this case it is (E:). The drive that shows on the folder you have been working on should match the drive that you will highlight and remove.

35 The removable disk folder disappeared. You get a message at the bottom to tell you that it is now safe to remove your hardware. You unplug the SwiMP3 and you should be able to enjoy the music.

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