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Building The Perfect Marketing List" That Gets Positive Results Presented by: Brenda Sleeper Director of Business Development.

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1 Building The Perfect Marketing List" That Gets Positive Results Presented by: Brenda Sleeper Director of Business Development

2 List Management Get buy-in from MP: Support of the admin staff to build and maintain the database. Assign a list manager: One person should be in charge of maintaining the list. Set up a process: Identify list management software, establish goals for list expansion, data required, target audience. Determine all the uses of the list: Start with the end result in mind.

3 Ways to Build Your E-Newsletter List Your own mailing list is the best performing list you have.

4 Ways to Build Your List Internal client list: –Billing, tax organizers, etc. –Review each list with department head or IT. –Plan a strategy to expand email addresses. Partner contact list: –Mine their contact databases –Print each list and identify key contacts for the list. Note – Goals must be set for completion.

5 Ways to Build Your List Build a We Care program. Develop a form asking clients for their centers of influence or trusted advisors including email addresses: –Banker –Law Firm –Insurance Agency –Financial Planner/Advisor »Etc.

6 Ways to Build Your List Guestbook: –Make sure the receptionist has a guest book. Have everyone sign it and include their email address. Never assume someone is on the list. Contact Chambers, trade organizations and associations: –Most overlooked resources are members of trade association. Great way to target and grow a niche. Media list and guides: –Build relationships and may provide an opportunity for you to get published. Networking events: –Send them a follow up email inviting them to receive the newsletter.

7 Ways to Build Your List Build a Relationship electronically: Develop a high-value incentive offer a white paper (Business Succession Planning or Doing Business Abroad) report, tax guide. Provide consistent value-added materials to giveaway, post survey questions. Post feedback you receive, it keeps readers engaged. Build a referral process: Encourage your current clients and prospects to forward your newsletter to friends, colleagues, and co-workers. –Ask for names of three people who might be interested in your newsletter. Provide a special offer or free report for the names.

8 Ways to Build Your List Seminars: On the last slide of your presentation tell the audience where to sign up for your newsletter. Lost clients and prospects: Keep them on your list to stay on their radar screen. Archive your e-Newsletter issues: Drive traffic to your website. Awards: Enter your e-Newsletter for an award.

9 Ways to Build Your List Make it part of employees routine: –Train all employees to collect email addresses. –Get permission to send the newsletter at every point of contact. –During the busy season firms touch 70 – 80% of the client base. Contests: –Develop a contest with the Managers and Staff. –Reward those who provide the most emails. Business card scanner: You spend years collecting them. Now you can easily turn every card into an opportunity. Interns, family, friends: –Get interns, students, family to work on the list during summer, vacations, after school, etc.

10 Ways to Build Your List Use a subscriber form/visitor signup box: –Make it easy for clients and prospects to subscribe by putting your subscriber form on the home page of your website. Join our mailing list: – Add a join our mailing list link to the signature of every email that leaves the firm. The link should go to your home page.

11 Subscriber Form Be sure to add the list of e-Newsletters and niche categories to a subscriber form. Provide an offer for a white paper or report. Explain the value of receiving your e-Newsletter. Indicate frequency. Track return on investment by asking, How did you hear about us? Guarantee no sharing or spamming will occur.



14 Ways to Build Your List Sponsor Content: –Get published by sharing your articles with business journals, Websites, etc. –Be sure to include a link to your Website…a link to sign up for your e-newsletter. –Posting your articles on other sites is a great way to increase your Website traffic and link popularity with search engines.

15 Ways to Build Your List Ways to Build Your List – a 2 step process Step #1 - Obtaining a targeted list - BizActions can provide you with highly targeted and cost-effective lists for campaigns. Step #2 - Email appending your list

16 Top Niche Services (% of Top 100 firms increasing their business in these areas) Business Valuations 89% SOX 77% Litigation Support 69% Attest 67% Estate/trust/gift tax planning 66% M&A 63% Nonprofits 60% Forensics/Fraud 56% Industry Specialization 50% Personal Financial Planning 47% Employee Benefits 47% International Tax 44% Strategic Planning/Business Plans 44%

17 How Do You Append Emails? Outbound telemarketing services. Email Appending Service Overview Note: Make sure you find quality vendors rather than quantity – 60% success of a campaign depends on the quality of the list.

18 Email Appending Process How Email Append Works: BizActions has partnered with a third party to provide our Sponsors with an industry leading business-to-business email append service. Once we obtain a targeted database for you or from you, we can run this information against a database of more than 80 million business-to- business names and locate the email address. Our historical success rate is more than 50 percent. You only pay for those emails appended and verified for each company.

19 Email Appending Process Sponsor provides an internal or purchased list. Provider then matches the data against a permission-based database containing business name, contact name & postal info to produce corresponding email address match. Provider sends an Opt-in introductory email out to appended email address (optional). Appended and verified data file is sent to the firm.

20 Improve Results by Growing Your List!

21 BizActions: Email Radar Managing your members for better communication!

22 Email Radar Tools Campaign Manager Group Builder Email Designer Member Tracker Marketing Genius!

23 Campaign Management

24 Group Management Data driven! Member records are the key. Quality in, quality out. Outside the box - inside the memo field. Who reads what? And when? Helping your clients in a timely manner.

25 Group Management










35 Email Builder (Hi-Impact)

36 Email Builder





41 Beyond the Basics…





46 Email Radar Group by Geographic Data, Company Size, POC, Member type... …any field within the member record!!! …any article in your inventory!!! …any timeframe you want!!!

47 Email Radar The future: Campaign Management will extend into every part of BizActions – banners, sponsor content, etc. Group Management will drive all future BizActions development

48 Email Radar More than targeted marketing – targeted results!

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