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Unit : 5 lesson: 3. What is this? What are these brochures about?

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1 Unit : 5 lesson: 3

2 What is this?

3 What are these brochures about?

4 Open books # How many pictures are there? # What can you see in each one? Picture 1:Shows a small class. Picture 2: shows students getting onto a bus to start an excursion.

5 Excursion Is a day trip for sight-seeing.

6 Where is the bus going? To london for sight-seeing.

7 shows horse-riding and sailing. shows school’s language laboratory. Picture 3: Picture 4:

8 Look at the sub-headings in the brochure How many titles are there? What are they?

9 Accommodation Where you stay A room A house apartment

10 Intensive English What is the difference between the general course and the intensive course? There are more lessons and more studying in an intensive course.


12 Find the answers of the following questions: 1- how many students are there in each class? 2- when are excursions made? 3-what are the 4 skills in the general English courses? 5- what does accommodation mean? Usually about ten. Every afternoon. Speaking, listening, reading and writing. Where you stay.

13 New words:

14 Facilities

15 Per About ten students per teacher. Means: 10 students for each teacher.

16 volleyball

17 Minimum The smallest number possible.

18 Which one has the minimum details?

19 Advanced There are 3 stages of students Beginners Intermediate advanced

20 Improve Does this course make there English better or worse ? Better So … Improve means to make something better.

21 Under which title do you look to find information about : A general holiday course ? What to do in your free time? Where you will study? The size of the classes? Where you will live? Realy hard study? General English. Sports and excursions. The school. accommodation. The school. Intensive English.

22 The end..

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