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Negative behaviour can be defined as any action performed by a person or people which is not in line with the norms and expectation of people living in the society. It is an anti- social behaviour that is not acceptable by society. This is because it brings bad name, poor image and disrepute to the country.

2 Types of negative behaviour
1. Dishonesty: This is an act of telling lies and deceiving people 2. Examination malpractice: This is the act of cheating in examinations so as to enhance someone’s performance. This act limits the ability of students and makes them intellectually lazy 3. Cultism: This is a group that operate under secret cover at night. Members of this group take bloody oaths, while their activities are harmful and deadly to people outside their group. 4. Prostitution: This is engaging in unlawful sexual relationship with several people for commercial purpose. This behaviour is negative because it can lead to the transmission of deadly diseases such as HIV/Aids, syphilis etc. 5. Disregard for time (African Time) Adults and students show high sense of disregard for time instead operate they call “African time”. Time is precious and must be manage well, because time wasted can never be regained. Procrastination is a thief of time.

3 Effects of Negative Behaviuor on The society.
1. Value disorientation: It breeds low self esteem, inferiority complex, and low sense of hope for the future which affect the social ability of an individual to co-exist cooperatively. 2. High crime rate: It could lead to criminal activities which is the greatest threat to any society. 3. Inefficiency: When we do our work well, we are inefficient, therefore let efficiency and dedication to duty be our watchword and motto

4 Effects of Negative Behaviour on The society cont’d
4. Disease: Negative behaviour such as prostitution exposes individuals to sexually transmitted diseases such as Hiv/aids, syphilis, gonorrhea etc 5. Low investment: Investors and industrialists are faced with great fear because of the effects of negative behaviour coupled with low economic activities. This affects the investment in human beings.

5 Ways of Promoting Positive Behavior
1. Mass education: Government must introduce educative programmes educating the public on the effect of negative behaviour 2. Proper Parenting: Parents and guardians should give adequate and sound education to their children and wards. 3. Correctional Punishment should be meted out to offenders with the aim of correcting and discouraging negative behaviours 4. Enabling environment: The provision of enabling environment for promoting positive behaviour 5. Reinforcement and Encouragement: Individuals that exhibit positive behaviours should be rewarded accordingly.

6 ASSIGNMENT Mention Five (5) ways of discouraging negative behaviour amongst Faith Academy students.


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