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The Freedom Programme The Recovery Toolkit

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1 The Freedom Programme The Recovery Toolkit
Domestic Abuse Group Work The Freedom Programme The Recovery Toolkit

2 The Freedom Programme The Freedom programme is an educational programme for any woman who wants to learn more about domestic violence and abuse Structured discussions which focus on specific aspects of abusive and controlling behaviour The programme consists of 12 x 2 hour rolling group sessions The programme provides free child care

3 The Freedom Programme Explores a range of abusive behaviours, how they are used & the effects domestic abuse has on both women and children Identifies early warning signs so women may recognise future potential abusers Provide opportunity for women to break the silence that surrounds domestic abuse, access support & develop support networks Aims to reduce isolation What is the FP What does the freedom programme do? Gives women the opportunity to start to understanding domestic abuse It opens their eyes and often for the very first time, to the pattern of abuse in domestic abuse Better understanding ofhow the abuser behaves and what he is trying to achieve. So often for the first time ever , they start to reflect on exactly how the abuse in their own relationships Women often talk about domestic abuse being a ‘dirty secret’ that they keep away from friends and family etc Domestic abuse is highly complex and I think that The freedom programme does a very a good job at breaking it down, so that we get better understanding it. assists women to recognise abusive behaviours and, its effects Freedom programme weeks on slide – persuader – Impact Mental Physical Social Women are at risk and vulnerable of continued abuse either by the abuser or someone else The recovery toolkit Whats the difference What is the RT? Negative thoughts, feeling and beleifs about themselves

4 The Effects on Children Pt 2
The Freedom Programme The Bully The Headworker The Jailer The Bad Father Effects on Children Pt 1 The Sexual Controller The King of the Castle The Persuader The Effects on Children Pt 2 The Liar

5 Effects of the abuse Poor physical and mental health Low self-esteem
Accepts blame and guilt for violence Socially isolated, eg avoids social interaction, never seems to be alone Depression, self harm, contemplates suicide Stress Engaging in manipulative behaviours, such as lying, as a way of surviving Nervous and anxious Drug and alcohol use Post-traumatic Stress

6 The Recovery Toolkit An educational 12 week programme for those who are no longer at risk from the abuse designed to assist each woman to look at ways to develop positive lifestyle coping strategies Closed group for up to 8 women

7 Aims and objectives of the Recovery Toolkit
to positively change an abused individual’s thinking, how you perceive yourself (self-esteem and self-image) to encourage the development of strategies to help cope with emotional pain to recognise the effects of abuse on children, encouraging them to develop positive parenting skills to positively change how individuals interact with others to set individual goals and action planning to give individuals the knowledge needed to enable them to move forward in their lives and develop healthy relationships

8 How to refer to the Freedom Programme/Recovery Toolkit

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