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For Sustainable Development

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1 For Sustainable Development
Global Strategies For Sustainable Development

2 Global Strategies Governments first actively addressed the issues of global environmental needs when they gathered in Stockholm in 1972 to take part in the UN Conference on Human Environment The focus of the conference was international cooperation regarding the problems the Earth’s environment was facing. Web link about first conference and how it led to the Kyoto Protocol

3 Global Strategies Global Conferences provide a platform for the development for the global strategies for sustainable development Rio de Janeiro – June 1992 Kyoto – December 1997 Johannesburg – September 2002 Bali – December 2007 PDF File of Lovins and Lovins extract to download and read Video clip from YouTube: The Bigger Picture Web link to UN Documents of Global conferences Watch DVD: Al Gore - An Inconvenient Truth Check out the links

4 Rio de Janeiro The next UN Conference on Environment and Development took Place in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, 20 years after Stockholm This time, as the theme of the conference suggests, the participating countries focused on a broader issue, namely, the relationship between environmental trends and development at the national and international levels. The Rio Convention, also known as the “Earth Summit” produced the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21 (a plan of action for the UN organizations, Governments, and Major Groups in areas where human activities have a negative impact on the environment) And also led to agreement on two other conventions which became open for signature the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) Biological Diversity, both legally binding.

5 Rio de Janeiro Outcomes
The FCCC the most important of the products of the Rio Convention in terms of leading to the preparation of the Kyoto Protocol. The FCCC was signed by 154 countries in 1992. Its key points were: Stabilization of the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, while also ensuring food production is not put under threat, and allowing for economic development to proceed. Developed countries should take the initiative in reducing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere No specific greenhouse-gas-reduction aims, time frames, or penalties for violators were agreed on the participating countries decided on meeting at COPs (Conferences of the Parties) on a regular basis to work on the implementation of the Convention’s objectives. T

6 Kyoto Protocol After 3 Conferences of the Parties (COPs) meeting in Berlin and Geneva, eventually in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997 the member countries prepared the Kyoto Protocol The Kyoto Protocol decided upon: Emission-reduction targets of greenhouse gases for each of the member countries A greenhouse gas emission-trading program Holding future meetings to set penalties for violators of the established targets and regulation rules of the emission-trading program Under The leadership of President Bush, America did not support the Protocol The Kyoto Protocol finally came into effect on February 16, 2005

7 Johannesburg The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), held in Johannesburg, South Africa from August 26 to September , focused the world's attention and direct action on meeting difficult challenges, including improving people's lives and conserving our natural resources in a world that is growing in population, with ever-increasing demands for food, water, shelter, sanitation, energy, health services and economic security.

8 Johannesburg The main focus of the conference being:
Oceans Coasts Island One of the main successes was that governments agreed to halve the number of people lacking clean drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015.

9 Bali United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali – December 2007
The Conference brings together representatives of over 180 countries together with observers from intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, and the media The two week period includes the sessions of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, its subsidiary bodies as well as the Meeting of the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol A ministerial segment in the second week will conclude the Conference. 2 YouTube videos from CNN from Conference in Bali 4 links to news articles published whilst the conference was on Check out the links

10 Bali The aim is to produce ambitious results capable of providing a global response to the challenges of climate change and in particular: The satisfactory implementation of the Kyoto Protocol for the period The adoption of a “road map” leading to a global agreement by 2009 for post 2012 The need to perpetuate and develop the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms And the formulation of a differentiated contribution from emerging countries and other developing countries

11 Links & Bibliography DVD Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth Hawken, Lovins & Lovins (1999) Natural Capitalism, Little, Brown

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