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Ryerson University Online to Success. Beginnings Online to Success is a transition program created by Queen’s University. For 5 consecutive years Ryerson.

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1 Ryerson University Online to Success

2 Beginnings Online to Success is a transition program created by Queen’s University. For 5 consecutive years Ryerson has been running this online course during the summer months. This course is designed to help students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD with the transition to post- secondary education

3 Who can take part Any student graduating from high school who has received admittance or has been wait listed for ANY Ontario apprenticeship, college or university program in the fall. Students in grade 11 who plan to attend postsecondary education at the end of their great 12 year may begin the course that summer and complete the course the summer before they enter postsecondary studies.

4 Course logistics Ryerson University runs this course for a six week duration every summer. Students are expected to attend an opening days overnight at Ryerson where they learn how to use the online course, get a tour of the Ryerson campus, have an opportunity to learn about assistive technology, etc. Students complete their coursework online during the 6 weeks. Students have access to a course coordinator via internet and phone for help and assistance during this time. Students then return to Ryerson for a closing day to present their culminating activities and hear from guest speakers and attend learning skills workshops.

5 Opening days The opening days overnight is a great opportunity for students to learn the online setting as well as meet their fellow students. Students stay overnight at Ryerson University residence. All meals, accommodations, linens, and writing supplies are included.

6 Course content This course is broken down into five modules which each focus on a different skill-set that students need to succeed in post secondary education.

7 Module 1- Know About Yourself This module teaches students their learning style as well as having them evaluate their own strengths and challenges. Using previous assessments and IEP’s students will gain a greater understanding of what skills they need to focus on for success in the fall.

8 Module 2 – Tools for Success Various activities on time management, communication, memory and more will help students hone their skills.

9 Module 3 – Academic Strategies Focusing on note taking, reading and proofreading will give students key skills for success. This module will build upon pre-existing skills students have learned in high school and take them to a more advanced level.

10 Module 4 – Your Program and You This module has students delve deeper into their future school and program so they can be prepared for what comes ahead. This module has students examining each course they will take next year to discover the unique challenges each course will present.

11 Module 5 – Self Advocacy Self advocacy is crucial for all students, especially those with disabilities. This section of the course will help students learn their rights as students and how to assure accommodations in the fall. It will address student concerns about speaking with professors as well as starting them on the path of connecting with their school’s services.

12 Course benefits Students can access course information at times that are convenient for them from any computer with an Internet connection. Students gain important skills and information through interactive activities, worksheets and online discussions. Opening and closing days give students opportunities to meet specialists and to be introduced to new technology and skills that could assist them in the fall.

13 Psycho-educational assessment In order to receive accommodations at any Ontario post secondary institution students need a recent psycho-educational assessment. Students who complete this course will receive an assessment at a discounted rate through the Queen’s University Mobile Assessment Team. If students are eligible for a bursary that will cover their assessment cost they will receive assistance in completing the necessary forms.

14 Past student comments: “This program is more like a learning tool for learning disabled students. In my humble opinion, all first year students could benefit from its teachings. The whole course have a certain maturity about it that made it seem more like a university preparation course.” -2009 student “What I learned throughout this program is information that would benefit any student, even those without a disability. It was definitely a success for me.” -2008 student “This course made me realize that I can speak up for myself and that I have options.” -2008 student

15 Comments continued: “I am not just a student with a disability. I’m going to be like every other first year student.” - 2008 student “This course really helped with the transition between high school and college.” 2009 student “I found it really great to get a chance to speak face-to-face with other students going through the same things I am. It was really helpful and I learnt a lot.” -2009 student “When a student says a summer course is good, it must have been amazing!” -2008 student

16 SHIFT @ Ryerson Starting in the fall of 2010! SHIFT = Students Heading Into Full Time @ Ryerson Online to Success students will also be invited to go on a new Ryerson Access Centre orientation. This event will be a camping and outdoor-adventure overnight. Students will have a chance to meet other Access Centre students and gain important knowledge from them about succeeding at Ryerson. Call the Access Centre for more details!

17 Contact If you have any questions about Online to Success or would like to register as a participant for the summer please contact: Ryerson Access Center 350 Victoria St. Office POD 61 Toronto, Ontario M5 V 2K3 Phone: 416 979 5290 Fax: 416 979 5094 TDD/TTY: 416 979 5274 If you require this information or our brochure in another format please contact the Access Centre.

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