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Summer 2014 Bridge program Colorado State University.

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1 Summer 2014 Bridge program Colorado State University

2  The Bridge Scholars Program provides a college life experience at Colorado State University to high school graduates and select Colorado State University freshmen applicants. Students selected participate in an eight-week University Summer Session residential program.

3 The Bridge program is designed to:  Assist students from underrepresented backgrounds to make a successful transition to Colorado State University.  Increase retention through an intensive on-campus "Bridge" experience  Enhance academic skills through group study and supplemental instruction.  Create campus resource connections and participate in leadership development activities  Bridge Scholars receive an award to cover room & board, tuition & fees, and books and supplies for the summer. So the program is FREE to students.

4 Academic Expectations Program overview: Academic Expectations  Bridge participants register for six- University credits  Course options include: College Composition, Sociology 100, a general science course, and/or Media in Society  Along with the six-University credits, students participate in a one-hour seminar course to supplement learning outside of the classroom.  Additionally, students participate in a two-hour supervised study session every evening (with the exception of Friday and Saturday evenings)

5 Leadership & Resources Program Overview Leadership & Resources  Bridge participants engage in leadership workshops & self-discovery activities.  These include (not all inclusive): Learning style assessments, Service- Leadership, Financial Aid education, Healthy lifestyle choices, Goal-setting, and Professional Networking  Meet with Student Support Service professional staff to create an academic plan individualized to his/her academic needs  Participate in resource networking

6 Community and Peer Connections Program Overview Community and Peer Connections  Participants build a strong peer and university community over the summer  Residential community engagement activities  Dining experiences  FUN!!  Challenge Course  Core group outings with peer leaders  Camping/ hiking experiences  Bridge Leadership weekend

7 WAMS grant partnership  Goal 1 recruitment and retention plan for women and minorities from rural areas in northeastern Colorado  Student fellows will participate in three CSU programs –  the Summer Bridge Program for recent HS graduates  CSU Key Freshman Learning Communities that include students taking common courses and living in the same dormitory, and course seminars  BS degree programs in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability that stress content knowledge through coursework, research and internships, and opportunities to communicate their findings at professional conferences.

8 WAMS Grant continued  Goal 2 aimed at fostering partnerships among academic institutions and employers who develop sustainable research  WAMS teacher fellows will participate in summer and academic year research internships and learn from the teacher-in-residence program coordinated at Colorado State University.

9 Bridge Video

10 Application Requirements  Admission to Colorado State University- Fall 2014  Completion of Bridge Scholars Application and Essay  First-generation College student (neither parent received a bachelor’s degree)  Demonstrate financial need- determined by FAFSA  Be a U.S. Citizen or qualify for in-state tuition  Application deadline: April 4 th, 2014  Only one application needed of CSU Bridge (WAMS)

11 Scholarship Partnership Award Scholarship  CSU believes in the success of the Bridge Scholars  Bridge participants (upon successful completion of the program) are eligible to receive a $10,000 scholarship to offset the costs of attending CSU  This is a 4 –year renewable award ($2500/ each year for 4 years)

12 Contact information CSU Bridge program  Contact:  Lucia Delgado at 970-491-0660   Website:

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