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Parenting Mrs. Stull :// U.

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1 Parenting Mrs. Stull :// U

2 Child Abuse and Child Neglect Child Abuse is intentional or neglectful physical, emotional, or sexual injury to a child. Child Neglect is failure to meet a child’s basic physical and emotional needs. According to the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect, abuse and neglect occur among people in all income and education levels, racial and ethnic groups, religions, and areas of the country.

3 Physical Abuse This includes non-accidental injuries, such as bruises, burns and broken bones Some common signs to look out for: Unexplained or repeated injuries such as welts, bruises, or burns. Injuries that are in a shape of an object Injuries not likely to happen given the age or ability of the child Fearful behavior Unreasonable explanation of the injury

4 Emotional Abuse This includes severe rejection, loss of affection, and humiliation. It also includes actions intended to produce fear or extreme guilt in a child. Some signs to look for are: Aggressive or withdrawn behavior Shying away from physical contact with parents or adults Afraid to go home

5 Sexual Abuse This includes any sexual act between a child and an adult. Some signs to look out for: Child tells you he/she was sexually mistreated Difficulty walking or sitting Child has behavioral and emotional signs Difficulty eating or sleeping Excessive crying or sadness Talking about or acting out sexual acts beyond normal sex play for age. Withdrawing from activities and others

6 Why Does Abuse Occur? There is NO ACCEPTABLE reason for parents or others to commit child abuse or neglect. However, there are some reversible factors that sometimes lead to child abuse and neglect: May think that physical abuse is an acceptable form of discipline and guidance for children. May let anger and frustration get out of control. Drug or alcohol use plays a role in many reported cases of child abuse

7 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect If you suspect that child is being abused or neglected, it is YOUR responsibility to contact your legal protective services agency, police, or emergency hotline. You do not have to give your name when you call The child’s safety is of prime importance.

8 Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Crisis Intervention- In many local communities, local agencies operate child abuse or domestic violence hotlines that can be called day or night. Support- Anger management classes, substance abuse classes and support groups, local support groups for new parents, and online parenting support groups found on the internet Education- Reading practical books written by parenting experts, taking parenting classes, consulting web sites, or asking for advice from experienced parents.

9 Shaken Baby Syndrome Shaken baby syndrome is a pattern or severe head injuries an infant or child can suffer when shaken violently. The long-term consequences can include permanent disability or death Forcefully shaking a baby for even a few seconds is long enough to cause damage. Signs of brain damage may include a change in behavior, lethargy, loss of consciousness, pale or bluish skin, vomiting, and seizures Immediate emergency treatment is necessary. However, once the injury has occurred, the damage is already done.

10 Stressors Associated With the Child Unwanted child A child that is different Handicapped Crying, irritable child Hyperactive child A child that reminds the parent or someone they do not like A low birth-weight child

11 Stressors Associated With the Parent Abused as a child (25-35% abuse their own children, compared to 5% of parents who were not abused) Single parent Spouse in gone much of the time Divorce Alcohol or drugs Low self-esteem Isolation Husband uninvolved and critical Emotional immaturity Postpartum depression

12 Abused Parents Can Become Non- Abusive Parents if: They had one loving and supportive parent or foster parent They have a positive relationship with their spouse They have fewer stressful life events They are aware that their childhood treatment was abusive, resolve not to repeat it, and actively pursue alternative non-abusive child guidance methods


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