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Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

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1 Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Chapter 14 Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

2 The Communications Mix
Advertising any paid form of nonpersonal presentation by a sponsor Personal Selling personal presentations by a firm’s sales force Sales Promotion short term incentives to encourage sales Public Relations building good relations with various publics Direct Marketing

3 Developing Effective Communication
Identifying Target Audience Determining Communications Objectives Buyer Readiness Stages Designing Message Message Content Message Structure Message Format Media Selection personal and nonpersonal communications channels Message Source Feedback Collection

4 Promotion Budget Affordable Percentage of Sales Competitive Parity
Objective and Task

5 Promotion Mix Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion
reaches many buyers, expressive impersonal Personal Selling personal interaction, relationship building costly Sales Promotion generates immediate response short-lived Public Relations more believable, economical, underused by firms Direct Marketing customized, interactive

6 Promotion Mix Push Strategy Pull Strategy Factors
directing communications to channel members Pull Strategy directing communications to end users Factors type of product/market buyer readiness stage product life-cycle stage

7 Emerging Communications Environment
Shift from mass marketing to segmented marketing Shift from mass media to focused media

8 Integrated Marketing Communications
Coordinate and integrate communications channels advertising personal selling sales promotion direct marketing public relations packaging

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