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Miss V Photo retrieved from:

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1 Miss V Photo retrieved from:

2 Lega Mask represent the rank of it’s owner in the Bwami culture They are known as “initiation objects” Lega mask are divide into five types in correspondence to material, size, and form: lukwakongo, kayam-ba, idimu, muminia, and lukungu. Photo and text retrieved from:

3 The Lega people can be found in Africa. They are from the Southeastern region of Congo, know as Zaire. In the 16th century the Lega began to migrate from modern day Uganda to where they are currently located. The Lega still control this region today. Text retrieved from:, Photos retrieved from: and

4 The Lega mask can be given different uses and meanings depending on the context of the performance In Bwami ceremonies, masks are attached to different parts of the body, piled in stacks, hung on fences, displayed, dragged on the ground, and occasionally worn on the forehead with the beard draping over the face of the wearer. Photo and text retrieved from:

5 Each mask is painted using very natural/neutral colors. The face is typically painted to be lighter than the rest of the mask and the raffia used to make the beards on the mask are used with very natural colors, found in nature. Photos retrieved from:

6 For this project each student will learn a brief history of the Lega people and the masks worn by this tribe. Then each student will create their own, unique Lega Mask out of paper mached cardboard. Photo and text retrieved from:

7 Cardboard Scissors Glue A Drill Masking Tape Hole Puncher Assorted Colors of Paint Paint Brushes Pencils Mod Podge Assorted Colors of Raffia Assorted Colors of Yarn Paper Towels Water Containers Clean up Materials Photo retrieved from:

8 Collect your materials Draw the shape of the mask you want on your cardboard Once you have a shape you’re happy with cut it out Step 1 Shape Photo retrieved from:

9 Begin to round out the edges of your mask by bending the sides. Then cut a 1inch strip of cardboard to attach to the bottom of you mask to make the edges longer Step 2 Rounded Edge Photo retrieved from:

10 Now you will begin the construction of your forehead. You will cut a heart shaped cutout of your cardboard that fits around the upper portion of your mask. This will serve as your forehead/eyebrow area You will begin to tape this to the to the top of your mask while keeping it rounded to give it a 3 dimensional effect Step 3 Heart Shape Photo retrieved from:

11 Step 4 Now you will begin the construction of your nose. You will start by cutting a long, slightly triangular strip of cardboard You will then, fold in the sides of it to make it raised up. Attach it to your mask directly from the heart shape using masking tape. Then cut two crescent shapes to put under the heart shape to keep the forehead up. Squared Nose Crescent Shape Photo retrieved from:

12 After that you will begin to make your eyes. Start by locating where you want your eyes to be under your heart shaped forehead. Cut slits, where you want the eyes. Now make 4 crescent shapes to fit around your eyes, making your eyelids Tape those on so they are raised up as well. Step 5 Raised Eyelids/ Crescent Shape Photo retrieved from:

13 Now you will make your mouth Cut a slit into the lower portion of your mask below your nose Tape around the edges to smooth it out Step 6 Slit for Mouth Photo retrieved from:

14 Now you will make and attach flaps on the back to put your ties on and braid two equal lengths of yarn to become ties to keep your mask on your head. Once your flaps are attached, you’ll punch holes in it and thread your yarn through the holes Now you’ll begin to paper mache your mask using paper towels and glue, once its dry you can begin to paint your mask Step 7 Paint Neutral Colors Photo retrieved from:

15 Once the paint is dry you will mod podge it and drill holes along the side Starting at the temple drill your holes all the way around to the other side Drill them about 1 inch apart Step 8 Drill Holes Photo retrieved from:

16 Now you will begin to add your raffia Try to keep your colors very natural Thread about 5 pieces of raffia through each hole Trim excess raffia to make your mask look neat Step 9 Add your Raffia Photo retrieved from:

17 10pts.- Did you use appropriate colors when painting your mask 10pts.- Does your mask have crescent shaped eyelids that are raised 10pts- Does your mask have a thin open mouth under his nose 10pts.- Does your mask have broad squared nose 10pts.- Did you trim excess raffia away to make the beard look neat 10pts.- Did you braid the yarn and attach it properly to the back of your mask 10pts.- Is your mask mod podged 10pts.- Did you use your class time wisely to finish your mask in a timely manner 10pts.- Does your mask have a traditionally shaped head 10pts.- Is the construction of your mask sturdy (wont fall apart) 5pts.- Extra Credit- Did you keep your work area clean after project completion each day Photo retrieved from:

18 NA-VA.9-12.2 USING KNOWLEDGE OF STRUCTURES AND FUNCTIONSAchievement Standard: NA-VA.9-12.2 Students create artworks that use organizational principles and functions to solve specific visual arts problems NA-VA.9-12.4 UNDERSTANDING THE VISUAL ARTS IN RELATION TO HISTORY AND CULTURESAchievement Standard: NA-VA.9-12.4 Students differentiate among a variety of historical and cultural contexts in terms of characteristics and purposes of works of art NA-VA.9-12.4 UNDERSTANDING THE VISUAL ARTS IN RELATION TO HISTORY AND CULTURESAchievement Standard: NA-VA.9-12.4 Students describe the function and explore the meaning of specific art objects within varied cultures, times, and places NA-VA.9-12.5 REFLECTING UPON AND ASSESSING THE CHARACTERISTICS AND MERITS OF THEIR WORK AND THE WORK OF OTHERS NA-VA.9-12.5 Students describe meanings of artworks by analyzing how specific works are created and how they relate to historical and cultural contexts Photo retrieved from:

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