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Term 1 Assessment Guidelines English Reading Paper.

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1 Term 1 Assessment Guidelines English Reading Paper

2   A) Extreme martial arts, such as underwater knife throwing.  B) Taking over the world with mutant hamsters.  C) The inner workings of the American Justice system, starting with the Declaration of Independence.  D) ‘ Flipped ’ and ‘ A Christmas Carol’. This Assessment will test your understanding of …

3   You will be presented with a passage of text. There will be questions that will relate to this passage and others that relate to the novel studies. READ the questions CAREFULLY.  The majority of the questions will be based on ‘ A Christmas Carol’ but as it is our Term 1 assessment, there will also be some short answer questions on ‘ Flipped’. What is in the assessment?

4   You will need to demonstrate an understanding of the plot, the characters and the interactions that Scrooge has with the other characters in STAVE I and STAVE II. These include:  Multiple choice  Identifying True and false statements  Vocabulary section (from Stave I and II, check the NS pack)  Short Answer questions (using full-sentences)  Identifying characters  Grammar: Three activities that relate to Unit 4 from MyGrammarLab Sections of the paper

5   No, we cannot tell you the questions.  None of the questions from the Unit Test have been repeated.  They are short answer questions.  The questions focus on the events towards the end of the book, (the last four chapters) so do not feel the need to revise the whole book. Questions on ‘ Flipped’

6   60 marks for the novel study questions  10 marks for grammatical correct sentences in the short +answer section.  30 marks for the grammar section =  100 marks ∴ your mark = %  Short Answer: Each is worth 3 marks (10 questions). One mark will be awarded for a correct answer, two marks will be awarded for the correct answer in a sentence and full marks will be awarded for a sentence with no grammatical errors. Scoring

7   What is the name of the main character in ‘A Christmas Carol’?  Scrooge (1 mark)  The main character is Scrooge (2 marks – no full stop)  The name of the main character is Scrooge. (3 marks)  Why did Scrooge choose to work in a counting house?  Loves money (1 mark)  Scrooge wanting to count money. (2 marks – verb tense)  Because he loved counting money. (2 marks – incomplete sentence)  Scrooge worked in a counting house because he loved money. (3 marks) For example:

8  Any questions

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