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8th Grade English & Writing Final

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1 8th Grade English & Writing Final
100 Multiple choice questions (English) Response to literature essay (Writing)

2 Part One--Vocabulary 40 questions on chapter 6-9 of Wordly Wise
Synonyms, antonyms, choose the best word to complete each sentence, analogies To review the words, go to and play the vocabulary games for the units

3 Part Two--The Westing Game
10 questions based on the novel Know basic information about the characters, such as: interests, who married who at the end, real names, and occupations

4 Part Three--Reading Comprehension
Read 4 short stories and answer 4-5 questions about each Questions cover: Figurative language (metaphors, idioms, similes, etc.) Setting Inferences Theme Conflict (internal, external) Climax/turning point of story

5 Part Four: Grammar/Punctuation
Identify the parts of speech, subject, verb Fragments, run-ons, complete sentences, prepositional phrases Punctuation: Identify the comma rule being used in the sentence Identify what type of mistake a sentence has: spelling error, capitalization error, punctuation error

6 Writing Final Based on The Westing Game
Response to literature: thesis statement, concrete details with proper citation, commentary that is not summary Will do prewrite in class the day before the final 50 points total Can use both prewrite and book for final, so make sure to bring both!

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