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Graphic Organizers Text Structures in Informational Text.

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1 Graphic Organizers Text Structures in Informational Text

2 Description O Definition- author describes a topic O Key Words- on, over, beyond, within

3 Problem/ Solution O Definition- author poses a problem or question then gives the answer O Key Words- propose, conclude, a solution, the reason for, the problem or the question

4 Time/Order, Chronological, Sequence O Definition-author uses numerical or chronological order to list events O Key Words-first, second, before, after, finally, then, next,earlier

5 Comparison/Contrast O Definition- author compares/ contrast 2 or more similar events, topics, or objects O Key Words- while, yet, but, rather, most, same, either, as well as, like and unlike, as opposed to

6 Cause/ Effect O Definition- author describes or outline 1 or more causes then describes the effects that follow O Key Words- because, since, if/then, due to, as a result of, for this reason, on account of, consequently

7 Key Terms O Inferences- logical guess that is made based on facts on one’s own knowledge and experience Inferences- O Conclusion- to have an idea about something that isn't directly stated in the selection O Denotation-dictionary definition Denotation O Connotation-ideas and feeling associated with a word

8 More Key Terms p. 184 O Narrator/persona- voice that tells a story O Point of view- how a writer chooses to narrate a story O 1 st person- character in story (I, me, and we) 1 st person- (I, me, and we O 3rd person omniscient- not a character, knows what all are doing 3rd person omniscient- O 3 rd person limited- not a character- tells thoughts and feeling of only 1 character

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