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Types of Informational Text

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1 Types of Informational Text

2 Text structures We have talked external text structures – things like titles, headings, graphs, pictures, bolded words, indexes, tables of content, etc. They help us to use access and understand information more easily. Now we will talk about internal text structure – the way the text is written – to also help us get information from non-fiction text more easily. There are five types of text we are going to discuss: definition, sequence, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, and problem-solution.

3 Descriptive or definition
Frequently in textbook reading an entire paragraph is devoted to defining a complex term or idea. The concept is initially defined and then further expanded with examples and restatements. Signal words: is, for example, involves, can be defined, an example, for instance, in fact, also, is called, refers to…

4 Sequence The main idea’s supporting details are written in a specific order. Changing the order would change the meaning. Signal words: first, second, third, now, then, before, after, next, finally, following, while, last, during, on (date), not long, when…

5 Cause-Effect Shows a relationship between the cause of something and the effect that follows as a result. Signal words: so that, because of, thus, unless, therefore, since, in order to, as a result of, this led to, then, reasons for, if…then, consequently, an explanation for, this reason, nevertheless, accordingly…

6 Comparison-Contrast Signal words: different from, same as, alike, like, similar to, unlike, but, as well as, yet, either…or, not only…but also, compared to, in contrast, while, resembles, although, unless, similarly, however… Points out similarities and differences between two or more topics.

7 Problem-Solution The text states a problem and then suggests one or more solutions. Signal words: a problem is, a solution is, the problem is solved by, a potential alternative is, solution, issue, a possible answer, therefore, conclusion…

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