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Perspectives in Psychology Lecturer: Elspeth Cordell.

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1 Perspectives in Psychology Lecturer: Elspeth Cordell

2 Outcomes 1.Must (OC1.1) Identify and explain the assumptions made by the biological approach in psychology 2.Should (OC 1.1) Analyse the strengths by using examples. 3.Could (OC1.2) Evaluate the weaknesses of the biological approach by using other schools of thought

3 The assessment Hand-out 1 Due in: 28 th October 2014 Workshop will be on :13 th October 2014 Written essay 1200 words

4 Last week ! Had a quick glance at the role of biology in serial killing Role of the frontal lobe We then looked at facial features Negatives of the theory: Deterministic and Reductionist! But hold on!

5 First we will consider the mind William James “The explanation of consciousness (Mind) is the ultimate question in psychology” Is the mind and body separate? Are they joined but controlled by some other system (the soul?) Is the mind just a manifestation of our physicality? Do you have a mind?

6 The biological school of thought: the assumptions The body is all we are! 3 basic assumptions to this school of thought: 1. Human behaviour can be explained by looking at biological things – Mostly the brain, but other areas like bodily functions, hormones, genetics, and evolution

7 Factors that can influence behaviour Development and maturation Infection Mutation I.E amygdala- leads to psychopathic tendencies (Yang and Raine, 2009) Nutrition Disease Trauma Environmental factors (includes habits)

8 The Brain

9 Guess the illness! Mrs Childs

10 Conclusion Mrs Childs is severely constipated, she is offered medication and within a week she is back to normal Bio psychologists recognise that biological functioning can significantly influence behaviours, which allows for a biological understanding of Mrs Child’s confusion and agitation.

11 Guess the illness 2 Miss Smith

12 Miss smith suffers with a autoimmune disease: Hypothyroidism She has now begun medication and will be tested every 6 months to a year Q: how will this affect her wellbeing?

13 Brain Trauma: Phineas Gage: 58Q 58Q

14 Punch-drunk Mr Quarry Have a look at the following case and list all the behaviours that has changed

15 Nutrition Have a think in your groups about what you already know about the link of certain foods with behaviour

16 Conclusion of task: Some additives cause illness No-sons-allergic-bread-Why-experts-think-unruly-youngsters- simply-need-change-diet.html No-sons-allergic-bread-Why-experts-think-unruly-youngsters- simply-need-change-diet.html Pick out the behaviour that was induced by the allergy However : Link of Sugar and hyperactivity? Newspaper article: Webmd hyperactivity-myth

17 Genes: Gottesman and Shields (1966) Schizophrenia in twins 40 sets of twins 48% of MZ twins (Identical) Only 17% of DZ twins (fraternal) Identical twins had much higher rate of illness than fraternal. Schizophrenia is partly biological Why were twins used? Any issues with this study?

18 2 In theory we can explain all behaviour using biological causes, Unwanted behaviour could be modified or removed using biological treatments

19 3 Experimental research conducted using animals can inform us about human behaviour and biological influences, because we share a lot of similar biological makeup

20 Role of serotonin

21 The evidence against: If there is no mind then explain this! Separate MPywnQ MPywnQ

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