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Psychology Review What is Psychology? Unit 1 Review.

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1 Psychology Review What is Psychology? Unit 1 Review

2 Psychodynamic Approach Behavior is controlled by the unconscious mind Id, ego, superego Freudian slip (of the tongue)

3 Behaviorist Approach Behaviors are acquired through our environment We learn behavior from outside influences (nurture)

4 Humanist Approach How we view ourselves (inner feelings)

5 Cognitive Approach The way a Human processes, stores and uses information Brain is like a computer

6 Biological Approach Behavior and experiences are caused by activity in the nervous system of the body

7 Phrenology Study of the human skull

8 Nature v. Nurture Inborn v influence Nature – Behavior is determined by your inherent genetic structure Nurture- Behavior is a result of learning and experience resulting from outside factors

9 Stream of consciousness Flow of thoughts through the mind that can help explain the mind William James

10 Lab experiment (lab observation) Behavior as it occurs in lab setting with intervention/control

11 Field Experiment (naturalistic observation) Behavior as it occurs in a natural setting with no attempts at intervention

12 Hypothesis A prediction A group of subjects who are exposed to the variable being studied Experimental Group

13 Control Group A group of subjects, close to the treatment group, but not receiving the factor being studied Independent Variable Variable in a study you have control over

14 Dependent Variable Variable in a study that depends on the IV what you measure in the experiment and what is affected during the experiment Final judgment or summarization Conclusion

15 Correlation Measure of the extent in which two variables are related Process of viewing something or someone carefully in order to gain information Observation

16 What are the goals of Psychology? description of behavior using careful observations explanation identifying the cause(s) of behavior prediction allows for specification of the conditions under which a behavior will or will not occur facilitating changes in behavior (e.g., therapy)

17 Earliest Psychologists Plato – Truth can be found in the mind (knowledge in our souls) Democritus- the world behaves like a machine which changes because of moving atoms Aristotle – knowledge is gained through experience (4 laws) Decartes- Dualism Mind/body seperate

18 Who is the father of experimental Psychology? William Wundt

19 What 2 men are resposible for Behavorism? Skinner and Watson

20 What does Psychology Value today? 1. Empiricle evidence 2. Critical thinking 3. Systematic research methods

21 Pavlov’s Contributions Studied Classical Conditioning and behaviorism Pavlov’s dogs

22 Freud’s Contributions Psychoanalytical study – Id, ego, superego – -learn behavior from childhood – Oedipus complex

23 Piaget’s Contributions Study of child development in stages from birth to adulthood

24 Watson’s Contributions Father of behaviorism Little Albert Experiment

25 Maslow’s Contributions Hierarchy of needs Human motivation

26 Psychologist v Psychiatrist Difference Schooling Psychologist - psychotherapy, administers psychological tests, and conducts research Psychiatrist- can assess patients, diagnose disorders, provide psychotherapy and prescribe medications to patients Similarities work with people suffering from grief, trauma or mental disorders conduct psychotherapy and research provides therapy services

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