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Lawson System Foundation 9.0

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1 Lawson System Foundation 9.0

2 LBI Navigation of Dashboards
Welcome to LSF9 Contents: This online training module provides an introduction to the main features of the Lawson System Foundation 9.0 module and will assist you with the differences you will notice when logging into LSF9. Topics included: New Web Address Logging On and Off Password Changes Portal Views LBI Navigation of Dashboards Action Button-Bundled Related Forms Printing Reports Troubleshooting

3 New Web Address Lawson System Foundation 9 is now accessed via the
web address indicated below: URL: om:30047/lawson/portal/ Tip: You may also access the LSF9 Portal by navigating on the Intranet to: Departments > Lawson Applications > Lawson Links > Lawson PROD environment

4 Logging On and Off Step To Log On Action Step To Log Off Action 1
Open Internet Browser 2 Enter Web Browser: 3 Enter your Lawson Username and Password 4 Click on the Login button Step To Log Off Action 1 Click the Log Out button in the upper-right corner of the page Tip: Should you wish to add this to your desktop in order to quickly access the Lawson Portal: Select File > Send > Shortcut to Desktop

5 Password Changes You will now be required and
prompted to change your Lawson Password every 90 days. You can change your password by clicking on Change Password link on the left side of the screen. The following illustration shows the change password link:

6 Password Changes Changing your Lawson Password Action
You will now see the Change Password screen. Note that the password must include at least 2 alpha and 2 numeric characters. The following illustration shows the change password screen: Steps Changing your Lawson Password Action 1 Select Change Password link from the upper right corner of the page 2 Enter your current password in Old Password field 3 Enter a new password in New Password field 4 Repeat your new password in Confirm Password field 5 Click Submit to change your password

7 Lawson 8.0.3 (Previous Version)
Portal Views Welcome to the new look of the Portal with LSF9! Illustrations below provide a comparison of your current Lawson version with the new Lawson version. Notice that the ‘Search’ text box is located on the right hand side in LSF9. Lawson (Previous Version) LSF9 (New Version)

8 Action Buttons ̶ Bundled
In the previous version of Lawson, the Action Button layouts were spread across the top of your application as follows: Lawson (Previous Version) With LSF9, it is common for some of your Action Button to be bundled. Note the indicators of bundled buttons, as follows: You must click the Arrow to see the full menu of your Action Bundled Buttons Important Note: When you select the Action, you must Click one more time to perform that action

9 Lawson 8.0.3 (Previous Version)
Related Forms In the previous version of Lawson, you would view the Related links, Forms, and Pages on the left hand side of the screen as follows… Lawson (Previous Version)

10 Related Forms LSF9 (New Version)
With LSF9, Related Links, Forms, and Pages, appear on the right hand side in a Menu as follows: LSF9 (New Version) Simply click the Link, Form, or Page to which you wish to navigate

11 Printing Reports Navigate to your Report; enter desired parameters
You will perform the exact same steps for printing reports as you did in the previous version, however, the screens /menu looks differently as indicated: Navigate to your Report; enter desired parameters Select Add/Change (job name)

12 Printing Reports Submit Report Submit to queue Select Job Scheduler
Submit Print Manager

Select View (according to your selected format YOU ARE FINISHED PRINTING REPORTS!!!

14 Troubleshooting Security Settings
Although not in all cases, some may experience problems when trying to access the new LSF9 environment that are local to your computer. We have identified and are providing resolution to two such problems as indicated below: Security Settings Pop Up Blocker Security Settings Upon initial log in to the new LSF9 environment, you may get a Security message on your local computer that references you must ‘enable cookies’. You may resolve this issue by performing the following steps, and as illustrated in the next slide.

15 Troubleshooting Security Settings
Navigate on your Web Browser to: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Pull green bar all the way down “Accept all Cookies” Click “Apply” Click “OK” You must now close out of the browser and log back into Lawson. You should now be able to log in without any issues.

16 Troubleshooting Pop Up Blocker
When navigating to various links within the new LSF9 environment, your local Pop Up Blocker may become enabled, with a message similar to the following: You should select Yes - you wish to “Always Allow Pop Ups” from this site.

17 Frequently Asked Questions
Why are there two different Inquire buttons? What is the difference? In the LSF9 environment, there are two different Inquire Action Buttons as shown below. The second Inquire button has a drop down menu bundled options to choose from. Both Inquire buttons perform the same action - you may select either Inquire button to perform the Inquire action.

18 Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I access Help? The Lawson Portal offers different types of help depending on where you are in the Portal and your access rights. Below provides a description of the various types of Help options that may be available. Portal User Help — Portal User help is available from the toolbar. When you click Help (question mark icon), the Lawson Portal User Help allows you to discover important information about the Lawson Portal. The Lawson Portal User Help includes several procedures to help you perform specific tasks within the Portal. Portal Form Help — Lawson Application Form help is available from the toolbar when a form is in the content pane. If no form is active, Help will give access only to the “About” box. When you choose help for the form, a dialog box containing the help text appears. Portal Field Help — Lawson Application Field Help is available from the toolbar when your cursor is in a field. When you choose help for the field, a dialog box containing the help text appears.

19 Thank you for participating in this CBL!
If you are responsible for providing reports, please proceed by clicking the Next button.

20 Navigation of Dashboards
When logging in to the Lawson Application, you will see your integrated Department Dashboard as follows. The integrated view allows you to continue to work in the Lawson Portal as normal, with access to Reports as needed. Simply Click the Name of the Report you wish to run. Your report parameters will display. Enter as desired. Click Run.

21 Navigation of Dashboards
Report Output displays. You may choose to Export or Print this report. Accessing Help For questions or issues regarding Lawson Business Intelligence, please contact the IS Help Desk at extension Your question or issue may be routed to one of the following applicable Teams: Type Contact Functional Assistance Business Applications Team, Information Technology Technical Assistance Development and Technology Team, Information Technology Dept./Report Assistance Department System Coordinators Finance Materials Management

22 Thank you for YOUR Participation!
Are you interested in attending the Lawson System Foundation 9.0 Lab? Hands on sessions will be offered starting: September 29, 2008 Download a copy of the Quick Reference Guides Please click the Test icon to indicate your interest.

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