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The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour.

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1 The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour

2 The Problems An unregulated industry - anyone can set themselves up as a dog training/advising ‘expert’ and give training and behavioural advice Result = Poor practice People choose their ‘canine professional’ for reasons other than quality Bad advice and bad service can and does do lasting and serious damage to dogs How do dog owners tell the charlatans from the dedicated and competent professionals who have genuinely extensive and in depth knowledge and experience?

3 Quality – The UK’s quality benchmark for instruction, care and teaching in the canine world – ‘the Gold Standard’. National - The Kennel Club is the first and only City & Guilds approved centre for issuing national awards in dog training, canine behaviour & care in the UK. Unique – All aspects of your experience – both academic and ‘real life’ - count towards accreditation. The Solution: KCAI

4 Key Features KCAI the UK’s first and only national ‘teaching qualification’ for those who work in canine care We have now set the knowledge and experience benchmark for a national qualification in a huge range of topics Code of Practice = Automatic sign up to Companion Animal Welfare Council Code of Practice Independently verified - you don’t have to take our word for it… The KCAI Umbrella. Members do not start ‘from scratch’ – all other qualifications and courses fit into the KCAI standard. Incredibly good value – the KC’s commitment to raising standards. Joining fee for individuals from just £72.00 including VAT

5 The Process What the member knows is converted into points in 3 areas: A. Applied Knowledge of Theories: What You Know B. Background Experience: What You Do C. Coaching Skills: How You Teach (Communication Skills) Portfolio = Evidence of A, B & C Enough points = Assessment Awards = KCAI Gold Badge and City & Guilds CPD The member chooses the subject they wish to be accredited in such as Rescue & Rehoming or Companion Dog Training

6 KCAI Single Breed Rescue What is it? The KCAI Single Breed Rescue qualification has been developed to credit active involvement within organisations involved with the rescue and re-homing of dogs of a single breed. This qualification rewards and recognises your personal achievement working in a single breed rescue organisation, and your knowledge of activity and of the responsibilities of those involved. It looks at crediting the skills you may have acquired in caring for, assessing, training and re-homing an extensive range of dogs within your breed, and at assessing, matching and instructing new owners.

7 Benefits of Membership Protect your reputation with the badge of quality Access to advice, support and education to improve and/or expand the services you offer Free or discounted entry to many educational seminars and other events The KCAI Annual Member Event Regional educational events Newsletter Promotion of your organisation

8 A Growing Movement Over 1900 members The Scheme has grown 800% in 3 years (starting membership of c200) Over 80 already accredited Market leader – biggest organisation of dog trainers and allied professions in UK Now has reasonable brand recognition amongst KC dog trainers

9 Industry Partnerships

10 KCAI Career Zone in partnership with PRO PLAN

11 KCAI Annual Member Event

12 Contacts: Senior Manager Business Development Laura Colborn Scheme development and management (approx. 2 days per week) KCAI Team Leader Aby Wojcik Events, communication, marketing, website, newsletters, enewsletters, general team management KCAI Specialist Clare Hitchcox Administration and assessments KCAI Specialist (part time) Rhea Harries Administration & assessments

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