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Solution Briefing Business Productivity in Action Keynote.

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1 Solution Briefing Business Productivity in Action Keynote

2 Solution Briefing 11 % of information workers visit social networking sites for work Social ComputingInfrastructure Cost and Complexity 70 % of IT budgets is spent maintaining inflexible and siloed data center equipment 4 million millennials enter the workforce each year Multigenerational Workforce Mobile and Distributed Work 84 % of organizations have a remote workforce Increasingly Demanding Environment 80 % of large enterprise IT managers are at least in trial stage for cloud computing initiatives Rise of the Cloud

3 Solution Briefing CIO Priorities 1.Increasing Enterprise Growth 2.Attracting and Retaining New Customers 3.Reducing Enterprise Costs 4.Creating New Products and Services (innovation) 5.Improving Business Processes 6.Implementing and updating business applications 7.Improving Technical Infrastructure 8.Improving Enterprise Efficiency 9.Improve Operations 10.Improving Business Continuity, Risk and Security Top 10 Business Priorities 1.Cloud Computing 2.Virtualization 3.Mobile Technologies 4.IT Management 5.Business Intelligence 6.Networking, voice and data communications 7.Enterprise Applications 8.Collaboration technologies 9.Infrastructure 10.Web 2.0 Top 10 Technology Priorities Source: Gartner EXP (January 2011)

4 Solution Briefing Addressing the Consumerization of IT! We have 4 pillars to our strategy: A Reimagining of Windows Secure and Manage Your Infrastructure Best Productivity Experience Unified Application Development …help IT to protect the enterprise …work like and with popular consumer services …devices that people love to use …across PC, phone, and browser Best on Windows-based devices and best-in-class on other devices

5 Solution Briefing Unified Communications Collaboration Enterprise Content Management Business Intelligence Enterprise Search Best productivity experience across PC, phone, and browser The cloud on your terms The Future of Productivity On-premises Online

6 Solution Briefing Customer Benefits from the “Future of Productivity”* BenefitsValue per user, per year Improved productivity$771 Collaboration savings$281 Business Intelligence cost avoidance$89 Travel cost savings$280 Reduction in training costs$39 Conferencing savings$63 Annual benefits$1,523 *Data based on The Total Economic Impact of Implementing Microsoft’s Productivity Platform by Forrester Research, May 2010. Data based on a company with 3,000 employees. In addition to productivity gains and cost savings (in the table above), total benefits (in the graph) also include savings in IT administration and reduction in storage costs. ROI of 301% with a payback period of 7.4 months Savings of 25–50% in travel costs Savings of up to 20% for entire IT budget Reduction in training requirements by 25% 10% lower audit costs Overall potential savings of $17M across 3 years for a company with 3,000 employees*

7 Solution Briefing Millions of paid online seats 45% of enterprises plan to use Office 2010 73% of organizations are using Microsoft Exchange More than 100M SharePoint™ licenses sold Customers are embracing the “future of productivity” More than 70 new devices with Lync announced 16,000 partners signed up to Office 365

8 Solution Briefing Business apps Broadest Value Across the Enterprise CollaborationCommunications Identity Desktop management PlatformDatabase User productivity Platform Productivity and Management Business Apps On-premise

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