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Christmas Around the World.

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1 Christmas Around the World

2 Christmas in Mexico Feliz Navidad

3 Traditions in Mexico ·People usually take 2 weeks off to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. ·Posada, a recreation of Mary (on donkey) and Joseph searching for a "room at the inn." Accompanying them is a choir of small children who knock on doors asking for lodging for the weary couple. By previous arrangement, there are no takers. ·After the procession there is a pinata party for the children. ·December 25 is usually spent giving gifts friends and family.

4 Las Posados video:

5 Christmas in Ukraine

6 "Khristos rodyvsya!!!" The King is born!!!
·Ukraine was a communist country until Communist government tried to replace December 25th with the celebration of New Year. Christmas was celebrated on January 7th. ·After gaining their independence Ukraine started celebrating Christmas on the official day of December 25th, although some still choose to observe the holiday on January 7th. ·Ukrainians spend their day with family going to church and singing Christmas carols. ·Father Frost visits all the children in a sleigh pulled by only three reindeer. ·He brings along a little girl named Snowflake Girl. She wears a silver blue costume trimmed with white fur and a crown shaped like a snowflake. Source:

7 Let's listen to a Christmas carol sung in Ukrainian!

8 Christmas in Australia
"Merry Christmas, Mate!"

9 Christmas in Australia
Temperature: Between degrees Fahrenheit Food: Cold salad and meat or sometimes a barbecue Pavlova for dessert Who is invited?: Friends and Family Activities: Open presents, have lunch, play a game of Cricket or go to the beach for a swim source:

10 Video:

11 Pavlova Recipe Ingredients: 3 egg white 1 tsp. of vanilla
This is something they would eat in Australia on Christmas day. Would you like to try it?! When finished: Cover with Cool Whip and fruit of your choice. Enjoy!!!! Ingredients: 3 egg white 1 tsp. of vanilla 1/4 tsp. of cream of tartar a pinch of salt 1 cup sugar Separate eggs and add egg whites, vanilla, cream of tartar, and salt to mixer. Mix on medium/high speed for 30 until glossy peaks form. Add sugar 1 TBSP at a time and beat 7 more minutes. Cut brown paper bag to fit cookie sheet. Spread mixture over sheet. Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Turn oven off and let sit inside for at least an hour. Source: My mother

12 Christmas at Mrs. Same's House

13 My Christmas Traditions
·A time spent with Family ·On Christmas Eve, I go to church with my family. After church, I always open one present from under the tree. ·Christmas morning I wake up and immediately go see what Santa left in my stocking! ·After my family and I look in our stocking, we go around one at a time and open presents. ·I spend the rest of the day relaxing. Sometimes we even go see a movie. ·Either on Christmas Eve or Christmas day we have a big dinner.

14 How do you celebrate the Holiday?
Write on a sticky note what you do to celebrate the Holiday? When you are finished, come up and place it on the board.

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