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Teacher Natasha Belozorovich

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1 Teacher Natasha Belozorovich
Our Favorite Holidays Prepared by Students of the 7th form Gymnasia #1 Starye Dorogi Belarus Teacher Natasha Belozorovich

2 Russia The USA Romania India

3 Calendar of holidays January,1 – New Year January, 19 – Baptizing
March – May – Easter October, 26 – Diwali December,25 – Christmas All year round - Birthday

4 New Year Yulia Moroz, Belarus, Lilia Zdor, Belarus
The best holiday is New Year! We celebrate it on the 31 of December. It is a very interesting holiday. We are making preparations and whole December . We go shopping buy presents !!! It is very interesting!!! We also decorate the Christmas tree. There is a star at the top of a tree. We decorate the Christmas tree with colorful balls, lights and sweets.

5 From year to year the most traditional dish put on a New Year's table, "Olivier's" salad is. Everyone knows how to prepare it, and it is always associated with the holiday. Salad or some salads are usually served with hot dishes from poultry, meat or fish. The most popular New Year's fruit are the tangerines. The smell of tangerines traditionally associates happy New Year. Usually tangerines are spread on a separate dish and put under a fur-tree or on a table as a desert.

6 The holiday is celebrated together with the family, because how you’ll celebrate New Year, so you’ll spend all the year . At 12 o'clock, when clocks strike 12, all the menders of the family fill their glasses, and wish Happy New Year. In the morning you can find the great gifts under the Christmas tree!!!

7 In Belarus Ded Moroz (Father Frost) lives in his residence in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Children come to see him from different places and write letters about their dream presents.

8 Baptizing Russia January abounds in holidays. We have New Year’s Day, Christmas , Old New Year’s Day and Baptizing. The main attraction on Baptizing day is when we plunge into ice hole in the Ob river . Last year the temperature was -35 degrees Centigrate. A lot of families come to the river with their children to enjoy (!) this old tradition. And what about you?

9 EASTER TIME Romania, Ilia Epikhov, Belarus
We celebrate Easter every spring, usually in April . Easter is very important for the people because it means Christ’s Rebirth. People prepare food and eggs for Easter. They paint eggs in many colours. Red eggs signify Christ’s blood. Women cook special traditional food, that is lamb and cakes. Om Easter Eve people go to church to take ’’light’’.

10 On Easter Day, people visit each other and say ’’Happy Easter
On Easter Day, people visit each other and say ’’Happy Easter!’’ and ’’Christ is reborn!’’ . The symbol of Easter is the rabbit, who brings presents to good children. In some parts of the country boys use to go to the girls’ houses with a bottle of parfume to ’’water’’ the flowers who are in fact the girls in the house. The hostess of the house gives them drinks, cakes and eggs. They wish each other ’’Happy Easter!’’ Easter Time is a holiday of joy and happiness!

11 DIWALI Prateek Bajaj, India My favorite holiday is Diwali.
It is the festival of lights and is celebrated for the return of Lord Rama after his 14 years exile in the forests of India. After his return, lights were lighted and crackers were burst There was happiness everywhere. This is celebrated in the monthsof October or November (depending upon the Indian Calendar). We wear our Indian Traditional clothes on this occasion. People go to their relatives’ houses and exchange gifts.

12 Merry Christmas Rus Luci, Romania
In Romania, holidays, especially Christmas and Easter, are periods of joy and happiness for the people, who try to be better Christians by giving presents to one another. My favorite holiday is Christmas because Santa Claus comes and goes wandering. On the 24th of December we celebrate Christmas Eve. Then children get together and go singing carols . People give them money, sweets apples and nuts. .

13 Usually, every family invites quests to have lunch together and sing carols.
For this holiday Romainian people use to eat traditional dishes. Special clothes for this holiday:Santa Claus and people trying to imitate animals.

14 Happy Birthday Liza Mataeva, Belarus
The most important gift from mother-nature is life . We like celebrating of the birthday because it is the beginning of the life. We celebrate it at the day when we were born People invite many guests. Some people have parties with many friends, others like to celebrate with relatives and parents. . .

15 People dress beautiful color clothes, some people dress hoods
People dress beautiful color clothes, some people dress hoods. Birthday celebration is very interesting and noisy. We wish “happy birthday”, give presents and pull the ears of the mane character of the birthday party.

16 Good bye!

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