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[Workshop Location] [Workshop Dates].  Attendance  Training rooms  Smoking  Mobile phones  Lunch.

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1 [Workshop Location] [Workshop Dates]


3  Attendance  Training rooms  Smoking  Mobile phones  Lunch

4  International qualification for ICDL trainers  Certifies best practice by trainers  ECDL Foundation governing body  Launched in UK in 2002  Ireland, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Gulf Regions, Saudi Arabia and Finland

5  CTP program introduced in 2005  Requirement for all new test centers and renewal applications  One full-time CTP trainer  CTP workshops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia

6  Promote quality ICDL training  Recognize and certify best practice by individual trainers  Enable certified trainers to promote their competence  Provide training organizations with an objective measure of trainer competence

7  Opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge  Develop skills and increase knowledge  Review training theory and practice  International qualifications as ICDL  Public and professional recognition  Enhance career prospects

8  Good quality training in region  Training in all aspects of ICDL syllabus – not just training to pass the tests  Training needs met  Achieve ICDL

9  3-day workshop  Not a training course  Portfolio of training skills and knowledge  Assessed by independent CTP Tutor  Internally verified by ICDL Saudi Arabia  Process for monitoring assessment to ensure standards are maintained  Certification

10 Day 1  Morning ◦ Introduction ◦ Trainer’s Evidence Record ◦ Preparation for video recorded session  Afternoon ◦ Video record presentations ◦ Discussion: Training Needs Analysis ◦ Discussion: ICDL Course Planning

11 Day 2  Morning ◦ Preparation of ICDL Course Plans ◦ Discussion: Module & Session Planning ◦ Preparation of Module & Session Plans  Afternoon ◦ Discussion: Video Recorded Sessions ◦ Preparation for video session ◦ Discussion: Trainer’s Evidence Requirements

12 Day 3 ◦ Video recording ◦ Preparation of written evidence ◦ Workshop evaluation

13  Manage workshop  Guide through CTP requirements  Support trainers during workshop  Source of advice and help  Support after workshop during preparation of evidence

14  Create a supportive atmosphere  Allocate learning groups for use in written evidence  Focus the group on preparation for the video recorded session on Day 3  Encourage sharing of experiences and ideas

15  Provide support and feedback  Review and assess all submitted evidence  Confirm completion of CTP requirements  Monitor submissions  Keep ICDL Saudi Arabia informed

16  Trainers: ◦ Attend 3-day workshop ◦ Complete evidence requirements  CTP Tutor reviews and assess evidence  Certification

17 ICDL Saudi Arabia (awarding body) CTP Tutor Assessment or Workshop issues


19  Aims to give you the opportunity to demonstrate a range of training skills and knowledge  You will be ale to produce drafts for some of the written evidence  You will produce all of the performance (video recorded) evidence  All requirements are set out in the CTP Standards

20  Detailed description of the skills and knowledge that you as a trainer should be able to demonstrate  Folder is called the Trainer’s Evidence Record  Lists the evidence that must be produced by you as a trainer to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of ICDL and IT training topics

21  Unit A ◦ ICDL Program  Unit B ◦ Training Needs Analysis  Unit C ◦ Training Program Design  Unit D ◦ Training Delivery  Unit E ◦ Training Evaluation

22  Each unit comprises one or more Elements  All elements have Skill and Knowledge Requirements – what you should be able to demonstrate  All elements have Evidence Requirements – how to demonstrate Skill and Knowledge  Requirements are very specific

23 Element 1Promoting the ICDL Element 2ICDL Administrative Requirements

24 Element 3Analyzing Client Needs Element 4Analyzing Learner Needs

25 Element 5Developing the Training Plan Element 6Developing Session Plans Element 7Developing Training Resources

26 Element 8Session Introduction Element 9Trainer Credibility Element 10Implementing Session Plans Element 11Communication Element 12Instructional Skills Element 13Management of Activity

27 Element 14Continuous Informal Evaluation Element 15Gathering and Evaluating Feedback

28  Written evidence, for example – course plans, session plans, statements about training issues  All based on your ideas, knowledge and experience  e – a video recorded training session during the workshop

29 Unite A 12 Unit B 12 Unit C 12 Unit D 123456 Unit E 12

30  Plan, prepare and deliver a short training session on Day 3  Prepare in draft some of the written evidence requirements  Produce all performance (video) evidence  No requirement to submit any written evidence during the workshop  All submitted electronically by the deadline date

31  Produce all of the remaining written evidence requirements  Submit electronically to CTP Tutor by the deadline date: []

32  You may be asked to revise evidence or produce new evidence  All evidence must be your own work based on your ideas, knowledge and experience  Professionally presented (MS Word)  Copying text from any source is not permitted  Contact after the workshop by email  Termination of CTP candidacy

33  Handout section  Course Book  CTP Tutor


35  5-minute presentation for an audience new to ICDL  Assessment on knowledge of ICDL  May use notes

36  Introduction of trainer  History of ICDL  Objectives of ICDL  Benefits of ICDL to individual and employers  Role ECDL Foundation  Role of ICDL Saudi Arabia

37  Plan, prepare and deliver a training session  Preparation during workshop  Allocated a topic from ICDL syllabus  Demonstrated during 20-minute video recording  Delivered to a small group of trainers attending this workshop

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