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Financial Update George Colville Diocesan Secretary.

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1 Financial Update George Colville Diocesan Secretary

2 Churchwardens and Finance Member of PCC Churchwarden Trusts All PCC members have financial responsibilities

3 Churchwardens and Finance What to do in practice May be cheque signatory Member of standing committee Take an interest Encourage and support Provide backup for treasurer if unable to act or if no candidate Ask questions, watch and check – Internal control Problems are rare but they do happen



6 Parish Share Standard Parish Share = Total amount required Number of clergy in Diocese Parish Share = Clergy Number X Standard Parish Share Banding X Std PS 2015 £56,924

7 Parishes 0.25 – 0.95 Birkenhead / Wallasey Runcorn Stockport Crewe

8 Parishes 1.15 -1.45

9 Appox. £51,450

10 Other per clergy. £5,300

11 Clergy stipends rise. Clergy housing / Number of curates Collection rate of parish share Restore DBF reserves Reform and Renewal Loss of some funding from CC 2017 Clergy pension Scheme 2017 2016 and beyond?

12 More information 01928 718834

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