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START Chapter 1, Section 1 The World of Hospitality.

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1 START Chapter 1, Section 1 The World of Hospitality

2 The Hospitality Industry is usually viewed as having four sectors: Lodging Food Entertainment Travel

3 Food Service Segments Eating and drinking places Lodging operations Transportation market Recreational market Business and industry market Education market Health Care market Retail market Corrections food service Military food service Contractors

4 City Clubs Athletic Clubs Dining Clubs Social Clubs University Clubs

5 Types of Private Club Ownership Equity clubs Corporate clubs Developer clubs

6 Club Revenue Membership dues Initiation fees Assessments Sports activities fees Food and beverage sales

7 Four Kinds of Trade Shows Industrial shows Wholesale and retail shows Professional and scientific exhibitions Public or consumer shows

8 The Role of the Meeting Planner Establish meeting objectives Establish meeting budgets Select meeting sites Book entertainment Attend the meeting Keep the meeting moving Solve problems that occur during the meeting Evaluate the success of the meeting

9 Four Cruise Line Markets Contemporary/Value Premium Luxury Specialty lines

10 Key members of a Cruise Ship Team Cruise Ship Team CaptainChief Officer Chief Engineer Hotel Manager Purser Food and Beverage manager Chief Housekeeper Cruise Director Physician

11 Spa Services Body treatment Skin care Hydrotherapy/water treatment Massage therapies Body rubs Facials

12 Spas Services Continued Esthetic care/treatment Medical treatment Health, fitness and wellness Herbal treatments Mud treatments Stone therapy

13 Spa Categories Club spa Cruise ship spa Day spa Destination spa Medical spa Mineral spa Resort/hotel spa Residential spa

14 Section 1.1 Quiz 1.True/false: The hospitality industry is comprised of mainly lodging businesses. 2.True/false: The largest type of private club is the country club 3._____clubs are generally found in office buildings and are often open only for lunch 4.A _____ is any group of people who gather together for special purpose. 5.On a cruise ship, the _____ is the ship’s banker, information officer, human resource director, complaint handler, and is second in command of the hotel division.

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