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START Chapter 1, Section 2 The Lodging Industry.

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1 START Chapter 1, Section 2 The Lodging Industry

2 Hotel Industry Market Corporate individuals Corporate groups
Convention and association groups Leisure travelers Long-term stay/relocation guests Airline-related guests Government and military travelers Regional getaway guests

3 Hotel Categories Downtown/center-city Resort Suburban Highway Airport

4 Hotel Types by Price and Service
Limited-service (including economy and budget) Mid-price (including full-service and limited service) First-class/Luxury Transparency 1.2-3

5 Other Lodging Property Types
All-suite hotels Conference centers Vacation ownership properties Condominium hotels Seniors housing Transparency 1.2-4

6 Ownership Categories Independently owned and operated
Independently owned and leased to an operator Independently owned with a hired hotel management company operating the property Owned and operated by a chain Owned by an independent investor or group and operated by a chain Owned by an individual or group and operated as a franchise of a chain

7 Section 1.2 Quiz In the lodging industry, groups of guests with similar characteristics are considered a _____. A _____ is the authorization granted by a hotel chain to an individual hotel to use the chain’s trademark, operating systems, and reservation system in exchange for a percentage of the hotel’s revenue plus certain fees.

8 Section 1.2 Quiz, continued
3. What type of hotel is usually found in a place where people like to travel because of its weather, beauty attractions, or history? A suburban hotel A resort hotel An airport hotel

9 Section 1.2 Quiz, continued
4. What type of property is not connected with any established hotel company and is owned by an individual or group of investors? An independent hotel A franchise hotel A downtown hotel

10 Section 1.2 Quiz, continued
5. Imagine you are making hotel reservations for an upcoming trip. You are looking for more services and amenities than those typically found in the economy/budget segment, but you do not want to pay the high prices associated with first-class hotels. What type of hotel would you be most likely to stay at when you travel? A limited-service hotel A luxury hotel A mid-priced hotel

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