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Building an efficient pipeline for your bank communication

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1 Building an efficient pipeline for your bank communication
Axletree Solutions Our expertise, your advantage Building an efficient pipeline for your bank communication Presented by Mohan Murali President Axletree Solutions

2 Introduction Treasury department’s traditional expectations
Market Pressures and changing landscape Emerging technologies Cost reductions and enhanced efficiencies Industry direction

3 Case Study : Acme Corporation
Company Overview: Global technology company ERP application with Cash Management Suite Diverse banking relationships Primary with three Secondary with several regional and local banks Acme Corporation

4 Operational challenges
Multiple banking entities Multiple data feeds: >20 systems Minimal standardization of formats Minimal system integration Manual Processes Over worked staff

5 Conceptual view of Acme’s banking communication
Treasury Organization Banks Bank A ERP Bank B Bank C Bank D Bank E

6 Treasury Process Flow Current – Partial Automation
ERP Projected - Fully Automated and Integrated Treasury Banks TMS ERP Banks Excel Treasury

7 Building the Solution System integration and Implementation
Business Objectives Business Case and Analysis of process automation Technology enabled solution Technology Solution Partner System integration and Implementation

8 Treasury Technology Stack
SWIFT plays vital role in the connectivity portion of the stack. Analytics connects to Systems and Data for reporting and modeling scenarios – as well as adding dimensional views. Courtesy: Strategic Treasurer

9 Treasury Technology Trends
Center of the Chessboard vs. Best of Breed SaaS Capabilities Courtesy: Strategic Treasurer

10 Multiple bank channels Single, standardized gateway
SWIFT: A single standardized gateway Corporate Accounts payable receivable Treasury Other Standardized gateway e-banking Y host to host X e-banking Z VAN Internet Leased line Multiple bank channels Single, standardized gateway Global visibility on cash Lower cost Increased control and security Reduced risk High cost No global visibility on cash Impossible to centralize

11 Transfer payment files
Axletree Solutions Our expertise, your advantage Transfer payment files Treasury Management System MT940 SWIFTNet MT940 MT940 MT940 SWIFTNet interface One standardized channel One security scheme Tight integration with applications An essential building block of corporate payment factory ERP

12 Integrate directly into TMS
Axletree Solutions Our expertise, your advantage Integrate directly into TMS MT942 MT940 MT942 Treasury Management System MT940 MT942 MT942 SWIFTNet SWIFTNet interface MT940 MT942 MT942 No need to consult separate websites No need to transfer files manually Better global visibility MT942 MT942 MT940

13 Key benefits of using SWIFT
Obtain visibility on cash across multiple banks, to improve working capital management Funds visibility Reduce administrative work to document bank communication processes (SOX) Compliance Better control on payment initiation Increase overall security and reliability Control, Security, Reliability Rationalize multiple proprietary connections, all different Increase straight-through-processing and staff productivity Cost savings

14 Electronic Statements
New Tool sets In or through SWIFT eBAM Electronic Statements (3SKEY) Compliance Control Cost Savings Enriched Data (XML) Concept – Positional vs.Tagged Records Position: 8,400321,575, ,USD, Tagged: Detail Record-8, Account Number , Transaction Type: Inbound Wire, Date: 15Nov2011, Amount: +USD$500,000.00 Courtesy: Strategic Treasurer

15 Fully integrated and automated treasury operations
ERP Payroll TMS SWIFT Trade Finance A/P A/R

16 Recommended Solution for Acme
Streamline/rationalize banking channels Standardize on external formats through integration Leverage evolving technology enabled solutions Involve the right partner to implement the project

17 Q & A

18 About Mohan Murali Mohan Murali has over 20 years experience in the Information Technology Industry. His experience in building Technology Solutions and Business Development enables him to design solutions to customers with diverse needs. Under his leadership Axletree Solutions has grown exponentially and is considered the partner of choice for SWIFT Connectivity Solutions. He holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Mohan’s contact information: Phone:

19 Thank You

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