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By: Trevor Ollis, Eamon Morris, Ethan Sevier, Emily Sato, Andrew Rucker.

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1 By: Trevor Ollis, Eamon Morris, Ethan Sevier, Emily Sato, Andrew Rucker

2  How easily you lose or gain weight is caused by heredity  Your genes can control you’re amount of body fat, signals for hunger and satiety, and regulate activity  However, genes aren’t fully responsible for your body shape. -Food choices and your amount of exercise are also factors  Healthy weight is different for each person  Having a healthy weight prevents disease from having too much or too little body fat

3  Body Composition- measure of the proportion of body weight that’s made up of fat tissue compared to bone and muscle  Body weight alone can’t be fully responsible for whether or not you need to lose weight.  A person can be over weight because of lean tissue, but not have excess body fat.

4  Body Mass Index (BMI)- index for weight in relation to height to show a healthy body weight.  Healthy adults have a BMI between to range of 18.5-25

5  To measure your BMI= weight (lbs) / height (in.) / height (in.) x 703  However, your BMI doesn’t necessarily mean you are overweight because one person could have a lot of muscle and muscle is denser than fat.

6 AgeBoysGirls 1214.9-2114.8-21.6 1315.4-21.815.3-22.5 1415.9-22.615.8-23.3 1516.5-23.416.2-24 1617.1-24.216.7-24.6 1717.6-2517.3-25.2 1817.8-25.617.5-25.7


8  Typically, teens shouldn’t aim for weight loss but to stop weight gain so they can “grow into their height”  Reduce portion sizes and eat high-Calorie foods as desserts  Exercising increases your energy needs and makes managing your weight easier  To lose a pound a week, an average person should eat 500 fewer Calories everyday or burn 500 Calories

9  Millions of dollars are spent each year on weight loss programs. Many of the programs promise quick results, and they do, but in the long term they can cause health problems. Most of these diets do not help you maintain a healthy body weight in the long run.

10  Low-carbohydrate diets- these restrict carb. intake to cause fat to be broken down. These are not healthy in the long run because they are low in grains, fruits, and vegetables.  Stimulants(bitter orange, caffeine)- they reduce your appetite and give you more energy. They can cause nervousness, dizziness, headache, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and seizures.

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