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Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

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1 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

2 Who is an American citizen?
1. 2. 4. 6.. 5.

3 Who is a Citizen? A natural born or naturalized person who pledges allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution outlines who is a citizen

4 Natural Born Citizen: Person born within U. S. territory (ex. Puerto Rico, military base in foreign country) Person born outside of the United States with at least one American parent Person born in the United States, but neither parent is a U. S. citizen

5 Naturalized Citizen: A person born in another country who has gone through a process to become an American citizen

6 Naturalization Process
File an application with the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS conducts a background check to ensure information is true. If application is approved, candidate has an interview with USCIS Appear in court to take oath to the United States

7 Rights – Freedoms given to citizens Something citizens should do
Responsibilities (Duties) – Something citizens should do

8 CITIZENSHIP Rights (some) Responsibilities
Outlined in Bill of Rights (amendments 1- 10) Freedom of speech Freedom of religion Right to bear arms Right to a fair trial and an attorney Also: Receive an education (K-12) Vote for political leaders Run for political office and many more! Obey all laws Pay taxes Serve in military Serve on jury Participate in community Be informed about political issues Vote & elect political leaders and many more!

9 Citizens and Residents
Types of American Residents – not all people who live in the U. S. are citizens Citizen - a natural born or naturalized person Document that protects rights of citizens is Constitution Two Unique Rights of a citizen: 1. run for political office 2. vote Serving in military and serving on a jury are two civic responsibilities of being a citizen. Name two more: Aliens - Legal and Illegal Refugees - People pushed from their home seeking refuge in another land

10 Legal Residents Citizens
Visa holders – temporary US residents (pay taxes, strong work ethic, talented, motivated individuals) Employment: employer files paperwork and pays for worker to come to US Family Sponsored: family members file paper work and pay for immigrant to come to US Educational: issued to students who choose to study at American schools/universities

11 Legal Residents Green Card holders – permanent US residents (cannot vote or run for office) Lawful permanent residents who are granted permission to reside and work legally in the US Must have a green card to apply for citizenship

12 Illegal Residents Illegal Aliens - anyone who resides in US without updated paperwork Examples : 1. Individuals with expired Visas 2. Those who sneak into country illegally Approximately 11 million undocumented residents live in the United States today. If anything, what should be done regarding these 11 million illegal residents? What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize?

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