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FAIRY TALES "Once upon a time there was a class who loved reading and writing all about....FAIRY TALES!"

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1 FAIRY TALES "Once upon a time there was a class who loved reading and writing all about....FAIRY TALES!"

2 So what do you know about fairy tales? Lets play a little game! Let’s Play "Guess That Fairy Tale!" I have a chest with twelve items in it, each representing a fairy tale or a character. As I take out each item, you can work together to write down the name of the fairy tale you think it represents! think it represents!

3 Here are the answers glass slipper (Cinderella) long yarn braid (Rapunzel) peas (Princess and the Pea) spinning wheel (Rumpelstiltskin) bed (Sleeping Beauty) red cape (Little Red Riding Hood)

4 brick (Three Little Pigs) bowl and spoon (Three Bears) red rose (Beauty and the Beast) apple (Snow White) beans (Jack and the Beanstalk) magic lamp (Aladdin)

5 COMMON ELEMENTS OF FAIRY TALES 1. A fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time...” 2. Fairy tales happen in the long ago. 3. Fairy Tales have fantasy and make believe in them. 4. Fairy Tales have clearly defined Good characters vs. Evil characters. 5. Royalty is usually present in a fairy tale, a beautiful princess/handsome prince. 6. There may be magic with giants, elves, talking animals, witches or fairies. 7. Fairy tales have a problem that needs to be solved. 8. It often takes three tries to solve the problem. 9. Fairy tales have happy endings – “they all lived happily ever after.” 10. Fairy tales usually teach a lesson or have a theme.

6 Cinderella There once was a girl - Cinderella, Who had a sad story to tella. Her stepsisters were mean, Made her sew, cook and clean, Until she wed a prince of a fella (Limerick)

7 . In Search of Cinderella By Shel Silverstein From dusk to dawn, From town to town, Without a single clue, I seek the tender, slender foot To fit this crystal shoe. From dusk to dawn, I try it on Each damsel that I meet. And I still love her so, but oh, I've started hating feet.

8 Comparing Cinderellas  During our study of Cinderella, we will create a booklet called "Comparing Cinderellas." There are three different comparison sheets inside: one is a question and answer page, one a checklist and the other is a pictorial representation in the form of a castle drawing. After reading each version, the children choose one of the pages and record the Cinderella elements. A highlight of this study is the creation of our own "modern" Cinderella stories. We've had Cinderella going to the barn dance and dancing to country music, and we've even had the story of "Cinder Heifer" featuring a Cindercow!

9 Cinderella Part 2

10 How would you go about writing a successful fairy tale? Plan Plan Plan 1)Story Map student Interactive rials/storymap/ rials/storymap/ 2)Use a Story Board

11 Story Mapping Is Key to Writing Success

12 What might a character map help you do?

13 Where and when do you want your fairy tale to take place? This map will help you plan it all.

14 In every fairy tale there is a conflict, this must be planned before you write.

15 For every conflict, there must be a resolution.

16 Story Board Story boards are graphic organizers, often used to sketch out ideas for stories. Use the story board to sketch out your fairy tale before you put it into words.

17 Compare and Contrast Cinderella Penguin or the Little Glass Flipper Compare Both have evil stepmothers and stepsisters Both have a handsome, charming prince Contrast The penguin had a glass flipper and Cinderella had a glass slipper One had a penguin fairy godmother

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