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What are the Story Elements of a Classic Fairy Tale?

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1 What are the Story Elements of a Classic Fairy Tale?
Let’s use our knowledge about fairy tales to : assess what we have learned, and create our very own fairy tale.

2 Students will be able to:
Identify the characteristics of fairy tales Use their knowledge to complete a Story Map to ultimately write their own fairy tale. So let’s begin!

3 What are Fairy Tales? Stories for children that come from oral storytelling traditions Old stories that tell of man’s problems, fears, and hopes They represent our cultural heritage

4 Do fairy tales always need to include fairies?
True False

5 Incorrect

6 Let’s compare two fairy tales
Let’s compare two fairy tales. Watch and listen carefully to identify the story elements. Watch the following videos: Click here to fill-in a Venn Diagram about the two fairy tales you just viewed. Make sure you print out the Venn Diagram and hand in to teacher.

7 The following questions will be based on the two videos that you previously viewed. If you would like to watch them again, hit the wand icon below. To continue with the quiz, hit the forward button.

8 Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella have a number element that is often placed in fairy tales. What are those numbers? 2 and 5 3 and 7 4 and 9

9 Incorrect

10 Fairy tales usually contain two common character types. What are they?
Good and evil Happy and joyful Lucky and rich

11 Incorrect

12 Fairy tales are usually set in what time frame?
In the future A long, long, time ago Present day

13 Incorrect

14 A magic carpet and genie A mirror and fairy godmother
What was one magical element that appeared in Snow White and Cinderella? A teacup and candle A magic carpet and genie A mirror and fairy godmother

15 Incorrect

16 What is the common problem in both fairy tales?
The main character was Changed into a toad Treated badly by the others Lost a slipper

17 Incorrect

18 How do fairy tales usually end?
The main character dies The bad/evil character marries the prince The main character lives happily ever after

19 Incorrect

20 What do fairy tales usually teach at the end of the story?
A lesson A recipe A trick

21 Incorrect

Now that you know all that there is to know about fairy tales, it is time to create your very own. Use the Story Map to help you begin framing out your very own fairy tale. If you can’t remember the story elements to help you with your story, click on the fairy. If you are still having problems with framing out your story, click on the wizard. You can pick and choose from the elements that you would want to include in your story. Make sure you follow the Fairy Tale Rubric to keep you on track. HAVE FUN AND BE CREATIVE!

23 Story Elements Do NOT need to include fairies.
Set in the past – usually long, long ago. Include fantasy, supernatural, or make-believe aspects. Clearly defined good characters and evil characters. Involves magic elements, which may be magical people, animals, or objects. Magic may be positive or negative. May include objects, people, or events in threes. Focus the plot on a problem or conflict that needs to be solved. Often have happy endings, based on the resolution of the conflict or problem. Usually teach a lesson or demonstrate values important to the culture.

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