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Elements of Folktales.

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1 Elements of Folktales

2 What is a Folktale? Folktales were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, which is called oral tradition. Folktales were made up to explain the wonders of the world or to teach morals and lessons.

3 Common Elements of Folktales:
Rule of Three: Items happen in sets of 3 or 7s (things happen in 3s, lots of repetition or repeated phrases) - 3 characters - 3 events - 3 tests the character must overcome Ex: “Jack and the Beanstalk” showed Jack climbing the beanstalk three times. The wicked stepmother visited Snow White in the forest three times before she finally got her to eat the apple. Three little pigs were tested by the wolf. Magic/Spirits are commonly used, to explain the unexplainable. You will see similar characteristics from stories across the world

4 Fables, fairy tales, legends, and myths all fit under this umbrella.
Folktales Myths Fables Fairy tales Legends Fables, fairy tales, legends, and myths all fit under this umbrella.

5 Elements of Fables These are stories that teach a lesson or have a moral usually stated at the end The main characters of fables are usually animals with human characteristics (Anthropomorphism) Characters must overcome obstacles or pass challenges

6 Examples of Fables Tortoise and the Hare Lion and the Mouse

7 Elements of Fairytales
Usually has a hero or heroine Has magic/magical creatures Often begins with “Once upon a time” or “Long, long ago…” Conflicts are resolved through kindness, courage or intelligence End with “…happily ever after” “Underdog” usually wins

8 Examples of Fairy Tales
Cinderella Sleeping Beauty Aladdin

9 Elements of Legends Refer to individuals, heroes, or kings who lived in a period before written record. Based on facts, but changed to make it more interesting (Hyperbole)

10 Example of Legends Robin Hood King Arthur

11 Elements of Myths Reveal values of the society for which they were created. Explain WHY something is as it is Explains HOW something came to be and it usually explains something in nature (creation myths/hero myths) Feature gods or other beings with supernatural powers

12 Examples of Myths Perseus and Medusa Theseus and the Minotaur

13 What elements do they all have in common?
1. Characters are not well-developed Flat characters (no change) Cardboard characters (Prince= rescuer, Owl=wise, Princess= helpless, witch=evil) 2. Predictable Plots Unhappy/Unfortunate StartTests/Trials along the way Happy Ending 3. All questions are answered at the end Morals / Themes / Messages

14 They all share common themes
Characters go through tests to prove something (the good character must solve a problem) Good versus Evil (has characters that good, others are bad) Good is rewarded and Evil is punished in the end (tales have a happy ending)

15 Most Common Folk Tale Across Cultures

16 Let’s find out! Group Activity
Why do you think these stories changed as they were passed down through each generation? Let’s find out!

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