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(c) 2005 Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now! Stop Bullying At CTMS.

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1 (c) 2005 Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now! Stop Bullying At CTMS

2 What is Bullying…? Is aggressive behavior that intends to cause harm or distress. HUMILIATION Usually is repeated over time. Occurs in a relationship where there is an imbalance of power or strength.

3 What is Bullying is NOT…? It is not a one time conflict between two people. People do not always agree or get along all the time. When you are in an argument with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bullying situation. Work out your problems.

4 Direct Bullying Hitting, kicking, shoving, spitting… Taunting, teasing, racial slurs, verbal harassment Threatening, obscene gestures These actions could and should lead to serious disciplinary consequences.

5 Indirect Bullying Getting another person to bully someone for you Spreading rumors Deliberately excluding someone from a group or activity Cyber-bullying

6 How common is bullying? At CTMS last year: –36% of students said they were bullied at some point during the school year. –52% of students reported having witnessed someone else being bullied. –50% of students reported that bullying was a problem at CTMS. We Teach/We Learn Survey 2010

7 Kids Who Observe What do you usually do when you see a student being bullied? 38%Nothing, because it’s none of my business 27%I don’t do anything, but I think I should help 35%I try to help him or her

8 Why do we want it to stop? Children who are bullied have: Lower self esteem Higher rates of depression Higher absenteeism rates

9 What works in bullying prevention? What can we do at CTMS to stop bullying? What can YOU do as an individual?

10 Reporting of Bullying to School Staff Many students do not report being bullied. Why don’t children report? –Victims felt that staff responded poorly or didn’t care. –68% of victims felt it would make the problem worse.

11 Adults’ Responsiveness to Bullying Many children question the commitment of teachers and administrators to stopping bullying –35% believed teachers were interested in stopping bullying –25% believed administrators were interested in stopping bullying (Harris et al., 2002).

12 Trustworthy? Can you name 3 adults at CTMS you would trust to tell about a bullying problem?

13 Who would you tell? If your answer was yes: Who are they? If your answer was no: Why not? Would you tell your parents?

14 Stop Bullying Promise If you know of a person that is being bullied, please write a teacher, a counselor, an assistant principal, or principal and let them know about it. Take out your agenda and in the “Weekly Goals” section, write out a way that you can help decrease bullying this week.


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