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Action Plan Ms Afreen Iqbal The City School Gulshan Campus English PREP II.

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1 Action Plan Ms Afreen Iqbal The City School Gulshan Campus English PREP II

2 Long term goals Short term goals Use of bloom’s taxonomy and 21st century approaches Instructional Strategies and tasks Solutions to anticipated challenges Timeline Resources Conclusion © 2006 name of company. All rights reserved. Content

3 Adopt 21 st century teaching approaches, to manage and create effective oral, written and multimedia communication in a variety of forms and contexts. © 2006 name of company. All rights reserved. LONG TERM GOALS

4 Short- Term Goals Develop interpersonal and collaborative skills Enhance students word power, so that they can illustrate their views in better vocabulary Polish students’ innate talents and to provide a ground, where they can express their creative potentials and constructive ideas. (Young Writers ‘Club) To be skilled in the usage of grammar ; reinforcement exercises

5 Use of bloom’s taxonomy and 21st century approaches.

6 APPLICATION OF BLOOM’S TAXONOMY LITERATURE A TALE OF TWO CITIES Remembering or recalling information : After reading the novel, students can describe Main events, list difficult words and symbolic Expressions used by the novelist. 2-Understanding: Students will summarize the story, paraphrase

7 and explain dialogues with reference to the context. 3-Applying: Pupils will be able to empathize the events, describe d in the novel, with another familiar situation,they observe in other parts of the world.They might refer to the modern age –problems like poverty and inflation which might cause a revolution.

8 4-Analysing: With the help of a class quiz or oral question answer session. Discussing theme,analytical questions or character sketches. 5-Evaluating Group discussion and presentation on: Whether they like the characters

9 suggestions for various characters, situations and climax 6-Creating: Generating new ideas, creating scenes keeping them in place of different characters Students can write a new story based on 21 st century revolution.

10 INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES AND TASKS StrategiesApproachMode I will develop interpersonal and collaborative skills during creative writing sessions and brain storming for literature based analytical questions Questioning skills Monitoring and observing skill Encouraging Skill Random grouping of students will be done to inculcate team spirit and social ethics, along with accomplishing the learning goals I will provide opportunities to play word games to enhance their word power Observing skillsI will ask them to play online scrabble and play word games in groups like ‘small crosswords, jumble or target games’ I will focus on correct usage of grammar. Listening & speaking skills Direction Skills Questioning skills Thorough explanation and reinforcement worksheets. More activities on Intervening skillsI will encourage students for their response to the posted activities I will polish students’ innate talents and provide them a ground (Young Writers Club) Encouraging Skills I will initiate the idea of young writers club. Students ‘ poems and short articles or stories will be typed and put up on the soft boards. Best selected ones will be published in the annual magazines

11 SOLUTIONS TO ANTICIPATED CHALLENGES CHALLENGES Very few students are interested in visiting the olcsn website Some students complain that they are unable to open the password through their roll numbers. Students get discouraged when their poems and articles are not published in the DAWN or in the school newsletter or annual magazine. SOLUTIONS Those worksheets should be marked for the term marks. As the information or worksheet is the same for all the students, they can access the site through a friend’s password. Young Writers’ Club will provide them a platform where their creative talents can be polished. The print out of selected items will be put up on the soft-boards

12 Samples


14 Time Line Aug: focus on grammar skills Sep: Young Writers Club (on going) Oct: I will work on collaborative groups Nov; Word games and c|lms (ongoing activities) Dec:

15 Resources Other teachers who teach same grades and subjects Internet Reference books, curriculum, dictionary Word processing, multimedia, worksheets, spread sheet applications Intel teaching program getting started course intel manual

16 Conclusion By implementing my newly acquired teaching styles students will be empowered and will appreciate and gain better knowledge at English

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