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Action Plan Ms.Behjat Jami Prep II Geography The City School Prep Boys P.E.C.H.S.

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1 Action Plan Ms.Behjat Jami Prep II Geography The City School Prep Boys P.E.C.H.S

2 Long-term Goal Utilizing 21 st Century teaching and learning process to enhance students' geographical skills so that they feel confident while dealing with map problems and are empowered to utilize latest productivity tools for better knowledge.

3 Short-term Goals  Encourage the students to excel in map reading.  Inculcate diversified logical thinking skills by using questioning techniques  Focus on the thinking skills through which students use to get to an answer, not just the answer itself  Encourage collaboration among students  Help students understand that they can use each other as resources

4 21 st Century Approaches 1.Observing & Monitoring Skills 2.Giving Direction Skills 3.Listening & Speaking 4,Questioning Skills 5.Encouraging Skills 6.Intervening Skills 21 st century Skills 1.Accountibility & Adaptability 2.Communication Skills 3.Creativity & Intellectual curiosity 4.Critical Thinking & System Thinking 5.Information & Media Literacy Skills 6.Interpersonal & Collaborative Skills 7.Self Direction 8.Problem Identification & Solution 9.Social Responsibility





9 Instructional Strategies and Tasks I will provide more opportunities for students to answer questions that require higher-order thinking I will provide students with time for group discussion I will ask questions that require students to explain how they came to an answer I will allow students to gather in randomly assigned groups or pairs to discuss how to best solve Geographical issues

10 Solutions to Anticipated Challenges A. Parents may not understand my methods B. I do not own a computer C. There may be some students who do not want to work together A. I will use my new word processing skills to create a newsletter to inform parents of my new methods B. I will stay after school to use a computer in the school’s computer lab to create productivity tools C. I will randomly group students to encourage collaboration with all class members Challenges Solutions

11 SUB TOPICS 21 st CENTURY APPROACHES 21 st CENTURY SKILLS ProblemsSolutions More about Settlements And migration Map Activity and ppt.presentations Class test Memorizing skills Observing skills Relationship skills Map reading skills Questioning skills Time constraints and unforeseen holidays Extra learning classes. CLMS E-learning assignments Population Multi media presentation Formal test Social awareness Self awareness Cross cultural skills Analytical skills Speaking skills Less excursions and availability of travelling resources. Multimedia presentations and audio visual rooms designed especially for presentations Development Worksheets and presentations Research work Interpersonal skills Collaborative skills Problem solving skills Creative thinking skills Lack of the availability of the computer lab Library as a resource and related websites. Environment and development Formal test Ethics and civic responsibility Self monitoring and self direction skills Learning and innovation skills Due to busy schededule of the school timetable, unavailability of the multimedia player 21 st century class rooms should designed. Teacher should have their own laptops.

12 Timeline I will focus on questioning skills I will focus on encouragement, rather than praise I will work on creating collaborative groups or pairs I will successfully adopt 21 st century teaching approaches in my classroom September November January March

13 Newsletter Sample

14 Resources Internet word processing, multimedia, and spreadsheets applications Intel® Teach Program Getting Started Course manual

15 Conclusion By implementing my newly acquired 21 st century teaching approaches, students will be empowered and will appreciate and gain a better knowledge of Geography.

16 Acknowledgement  I would like to thank Almighty ALLAH, who enabled me to complete my INTEL Getting started course. Next I would like to thank my employer The City School and INTEL Education Program for providing me the opportunity to facilitate and provide me a platform to learn about the latest teaching skills and tools, because purpose of making this Action Plan is to set our teaching goals and to reform our instructional strategies according to the goals of 21 st century. I am grateful to my Master Trainer Mr. Adeel Fazlani, who guided me through the course and facilitated me to learn and grow ! Special Thanks to our Mr. Umar Fahim General manager of IT for his guidance and ICT coordinator Mr. Nauman Bajwa for his kind support.

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