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THE BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Part One: Telling a Story.

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1 THE BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Part One: Telling a Story

2 Yearbook Photography  Each of you have been assigned to at least one page. On the page, you will be in charge of the page layout, design and editing, and most importantly, the photography. Without the right picture, the page will not tell the story you are trying to tell. The following power point will be a starting guide regarding photography.

3 Three essentials in photography  Good light (not too dark, not too light)  Good composition (focused, interesting)  Great emotion (tells a story)

4 Assignment:  Tell the story: Create a visual journal that captures the joys and struggles of daily life.  Select a typical day in your life to document with images or descriptions of images.  Document the day from beginning to end and work to achieve the following hallmarks of good visual storytelling:  Work to select visual moments that are significant.  Work to select moments that are visually interesting.  Work to vary camera format, camera angle and distance from the subject.  For each image, provide written captions that include information not obvious from the visual information.  Work for a collection of images or image descriptions that document more than just a series of events. Work for images that also capture the mood of the day.

5 First thing in the morning  gettGett Getting up is never easy

6 9am Yearbook Class

7 Lunch Multitasking: Working, Catching up and Eating

8 3pm From one school to another: pick up three kidlets

9 6pm Never a dull moment

10 After dinner-bed time Kids in bed, unwind in front of tv, out by 11pm

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