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How to Hold a DSLR Camera. Hold Onto It With Two Hands.

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1 How to Hold a DSLR Camera

2 Hold Onto It With Two Hands.

3 Using your DSLR Safely Just a couple of safety guidelines and reminders.

4 Make sure it’s securely attached, WRAPPED TWICE around your wrist when you’re shooting. Use the Camera Strap Otherwise, wear the camera across your body, or on one shoulder with a rucksack worn over the top. This keeps the lens close to you and prevents theft.

5 When you leave anywhere, have a good look behind you before you go. You may have left your camera OR other belongings behind. Adopt the ‘Backward Look’


7 Capturing the right amount of light creates the right mood in your photos. Think about how much light you want reflected in your photos, the intensity of shadows you want to create. HOWEVER, you must remember that light can also be a problem if not properly dealt with. (OVEREXPOSURE, UNDEREXPOSURE) Overexposed Photo Underexposed Photo


9 Changing the angle of your photos can create more dramatic and impressive photos. Ordinary photos are often taken in an angle that you would see if you are right there standing in front of the subject or the place. Try to adopt more interesting angles. You can shoot from closer to the ground, above your subject, or at an angle that is not normally seen.


11 The right composition will allow you to convey the message that you want to convey in your photograph, as the composition is the key in helping the viewer grasp the meaning of the photograph. 1.Break up a photo (virtually) into 9 parts. 2.Pick 4 squares to bring your object into focus. 3.Use also the four lines to position your photo. The points of intersection are often the point of focus for the audience. Important questions to ask yourself when using The Rule of Thirds: What are the points of interest in this shot? Where am I intentionally placing them?


13 You can consider using foreground images as frames for your photos. They help to emphasise the object of your photo and create a dramatic effect.

14 Especially important in events/sports/ levitation photography. Helps to tell the story and covey the message.

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