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Transaction Server Presented by Strategic Systems Group, Inc.

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1 Transaction Server Presented by Strategic Systems Group, Inc.

2 With the speed of light Your customers can identify the status of their orders Your suppliers can manage their open purchase orders Your field employees can review service orders, customer invoices, parts availability and other pieces of vital information Overview Strategic Systems Group, Inc.

3 Provide timely information to customers, suppliers, distributors and employees Reduce phone calls to Customer Service Improve information sharing Reduce delays in the supply chain Maintain security of the MK database Business Goals

4 Your customers can Identify the status of their orders Get pricing and availability to place new orders Check the status of RMA orders B2C Business to Customer

5 Your suppliers can Become active partners with you in managing the supply chain Support your company’s internal efforts to manage inventory carrying costs Verify open purchase orders and requirement dates B2B Business to Business

6 Field Sales employees can Identify when their customer’s orders have shipped Monitor the status of their customer’s past due invoices Easily identify part pricing and availability B2E Business to Employee Field Sales

7 Field Service employees can Identify replacement parts availability Monitor the status of open service orders B2E Business to Employee Field Service

8 Transaction Server Interactions ERP Application Server FTP Transaction Server Distributors Customers Suppliers Employees

9 Login Login Screen

10 Search for a Customer Sales Order

11 Follow the transaction flow





16 ERP Application Server Customer Purchase Order, Forecast Internet ERP Application Server Supplier Sales Order, Sales Quote Sales Order System Transaction Flow

17 The Transaction Server is Part of a complete web solution Solves the problem of getting ERP data to the internet without compromising Baan database security Gives your business partners and employees the ability to get their own answers on order status and parts availability Let’s Customer Service focus on customer service issues instead of order status questions Provides a reliable means to share company information Transaction Server Benefits

18 Strategic Systems Group, Inc. For more information or to see a demo of the Transaction Server, please contact Strategic Systems Group at or (310) 539-4645 or visit us at For more information or a demonstration

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