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Thesis Statements ELI 100(3) Fall 2001 Tyler Hawkins.

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1 Thesis Statements ELI 100(3) Fall 2001 Tyler Hawkins

2 Thesis Statements b b A thesis (also called a thesis statement) in an essay is a sentence (or sometimes two or three sentences) that explicitly identifies the point of a paper or summarizes its main ideas.

3 Thesis Statements b b There are two types of thesis statements, a report thesis statement and an argumentative thesis statement. Both statements make a judgment about a topic.

4 Thesis Statements b b A report thesis statement does not make a claim that must be proved. It expresses an idea that is generally accepted by experts and society.

5 Thesis Statements b b An argumentative thesis statement, on the other hand, makes a claim that must be proven with evidence. It expresses an assertion that needs argumentative proof.

6 Thesis Statements b b We will be using argumentative thesis statements for this research paper b b Be sure your point is worth making b b Your thesis must pass the “So what?” test.

7 Thesis Statements b b Your thesis: will preview what your paper will be about is a complete sentence (or sentences) that tells the reader what you will write about should be short, but informative should indicate the major points you want to discuss in your paper

8 Thesis Statements b b Place your thesis effectively don’t assume it has to be the first sentence usually it is in the first paragraph of an essay where to put the thesis depends on the audience, purpose and topic of your paper

9 Developing a Thesis Statement b b How can you explore and develop a thesis? Note: these techniques can be use ANYTIME in the writing process Freewriting – –write non-stop for ten or fifteen minutes to explore what you already know and to generate ideas – –don’t worry about grammar, spelling and punctuation – –don’t cross anything out, it might be useful later

10 b b Use the journalist’s questions - these questions can help you to cover all the important information about a topic Who? What? When? Where? Why? Developing a Thesis Statement

11 b b Look at your topic from different perspectives Ask questions of fact – –What has already happened? – –What facts are already available? Ask questions of definition – –What categories does your topic fit into? Developing a Thesis Statement

12 b b Look at your topic from different perspectives Ask questions of value – –Is the idea you are talking about a good thing or a bad thing? Ask questions of policy – –What should be done about this issue? Developing a Thesis Statement

13 b b Write a zero draft sometimes it is helpful to just start writing this can help you organize your ideas Developing a Thesis Statement

14 b b Read about your topic Go to the library to research your topic Look at general books to get background information Look for sources on the Internet Developing a Thesis Statement

15 b b Talk to others about your topic, for example: Your instructors The school librarian Senior students Your classmates Your host families Developing a Thesis Statement

16 b b Enter online discussions about your topic Examples of online discussion groups related to religion are: – –Yahoo! Chat: Religions and Beliefs:Hinduism – –Religions and Spirituality Forum – –Discover Real Islam Developing a Thesis Statement

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