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Survey Survey Healthcare Professionals Called to Missions Center For Medical MIssions March 2008.

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1 Survey Survey Healthcare Professionals Called to Missions Center For Medical MIssions March 2008

2 289 Responders 40% Response Rate

3 45% 55% Gender

4 Medical School Post Graduate Practice Undergraduate Age Distribution of Respondents

5 In TrainingPracticeWorkingOther 1996921 PRESENTLY

6 Nurse38 Midwife6 Physician221 Dentist13 Physician Assistant6 Nurse Practitioner13 Pharmacist2 Lab Technologist0 X-Ray Tech0 Masters Public Health19 Phy./Occ. Therapy2 PhD.3 Other14 Already Are Or Plan to Be 14% Already Have One Degree and Working on Another

7 I feel a definite leading from God and am fully committed to long-term medical missions. 12142% I sense God’s leading in this direction but need more confirmation. 8429% I am exploring this as an option but have not yet sensed God’s direction. 6222% I do not feel any leading in this direction. 103% Other 124% Interest in Long Term Missions 71%

8 Most Interested in Serving In

9 39% Want To Work With Religions found in the 10-40 Window

10 How Did You Develop Interest in Missions? Could Pick Up To Three

11 My first choice, absolutely Not my first choice but still a good one Not very desirable No way! I have not thought enough about this Mission Hospital 47%38%7%1%7% Outpatient 24%52%15%1%8% Community Health 29%47%15%2%7% Administration 2%24%39%19%16% Training Program 21%45%16%3%15% Government Hospital 4%40%32%7%16% University Teaching Hospital 13%49%24%3%11% What type of setting do you see yourself in?

12 No Preference Have Preference Mega-City Large City Smaller Med. Town Rural Bush Preference for the location of population you would like to serve?

13 Pioneer Missionary Recently Established Frontier Mission Established Ministry No Preference I See Myself As A

14 Greatest or Definite Fear 1. Leaving Extended Family - 43% 2. Finding A Spouse that Shares My Call -39% 3. Burnout - 37% 4. Raising/Taking My Family Overseas - 34% 5. Raising Financial/Prayer Support - 32%

15 Mild Concern or No Fear 1. Figuring Out Where to Serve - 77% (6%) 2. Personal/Family Health - 73% (6%) 3. Safety - 73% (7%) 4. Mission Call Will Fade - 71% (3%) 5. Financial Security - 70% (5%) 6. To Large a Debt to Go - 69% (9%) 7. Choosing the Right Mission Organization - 69% (6%)

16 Very Best Excellent A mentoring relationship with a specific medical/dental missionary. 65 % 22% Short-term mission trips/rotations during my training. 39%40% A relationship with a mission organization to nurture and guide me. 32%40% Mission conferences where I could meet missionaries, attend workshops. 29%44% Books, articles, videos telling mission stories etc. 6%32% E-mail or web based resources dealing with specific issues. 2%20% What Has or Could Help You With Concerns?

17 Debt Expected at End of Training In Percent

18 BestGood Short-term missions experience(s)67%24% Personal contact with a missionary51%36% Medical missions conferences39%46% Contact with a mission organizations 16%36% Mission training courses15%43% Books, Articles, Videos, Letters, Blogs 4%35% General Mission Conferences3%38% What Fuels Your Passion For Mission Service?

19 Yes, in fact I have already applied to an organization I hope to work with. 12% Yes, I am quite sure I know the organization I want to work with. 8% Yes, I have investigated several but have made no decisions. 26% Only on a very informal basis. 42% No, I have not had any contact. 11% I do not know anything about mission organizations. 1% Contact With a Missionary Organization?

20 I really have no idea. 19% I know some people who I would talk with. 49% Find a missions conference and meet some organizations represented. 40% I would like some help from an unbiased, trusted organization. 31% Internet research. 36% How Would You Choose a Mission Organization? (Pick All That Apply)

21 12345 Someone to explain the current needs in medical missions 19%22%23%17%18% A relationship to help me decide on a career path in missions and/or stay on course. 29%24%22%15%7% Tell me how to start in choosing a mission organization 12%13%22%29%20% Opportunities for short-term service during training 27%22%21%19%8% Help with current school expenses 12%16%12%14%38% How Can a Mission Organization Help You? Importance

22 Number of Short Term Trips None One Two Three Four 5 or More Number of Medical Trips None One Two Three 4 or More

23 Yes, they are great! Contact is personal and I really appreciate and benefit by it. 25% Yes, but I do not gain much from their contact. 8% Yes, but it is only through general mailings without any personal contact. 26% I heard once or twice but nothing since. 13% No, never, but I wish they would. 4% No, and it really does not matter to me. 9% Other, please specify 15% Has Organization Kept in Contact?

24 There are multiple opportunities and I found it easy to set something up myself. 37% It was difficult but I did find something. 34% It was impossible, I gave up. 3% Where do I even start? 9% I would love to have someone to help me wade through all the information. 22% Experience in Finding Short Term Medical Mission Opportunities

25 Questions? Comments? Questions? Comments? Question s?

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