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Native American Health Sciences at WSU Spokane Robbie Paul, PhD Nez Perce Director.

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1 Native American Health Sciences at WSU Spokane Robbie Paul, PhD Nez Perce Director

2 Purpose Increase the number of Native Americans entering into the health professions at WSU Coordinate the WSU health science programs for recruiting and retention of Native Americans

3 Health Sciences at WSU Spokane College of Pharmacy College of Nursing WWAMI(UW Medical Program with the states of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, & Idaho) Speech and Hearing Sciences Nutrition, Exercise & Physiology Health Administration & Policy

4 Native American Health Science Advisory Board Formed a board that meets twice a year and advise the WSU Spokane Health Science team:  Native American Tribal Health Leaders  Provost of Health Science  College of Pharmacy Dean  College of Nursing Dean  WWAMI Spokane Director

5 Native American Health Science Advisory Board Purpose: Preparing Culturally Competent Health Care Providers for Native American communities Preparing and creating culturally competent curriculum Help guide research to address the Health disparities among the Native American populations

6 Native American Recruitment and Retention Program Began in 1995 Program success: 54 Native American BSN 8 Master’s of Nursing

7 WSU Health Science Current Students Pharmacy: One Native American students WWAMI: One Native student Nursing: three undergraduate, two DNP, 3 PhD RN-BSN: one Exercise Physiology One

8 Nursing shortage The critical need to help educate and prepare our Native American youth to enter into a health career will require collaboration at all levels of education to encourage and help instill in our youth the desire and passion to pursue a health career. Fact: by 2025 the nursing profession will be facing a shortage of 260,000 trained professional nurses. Fact: Will have to train an additional 30,000 nurses annually above the current rate of graduation to meet the nation’s health care needs. Fact: The nursing shortage will be just as severe in Indian Country as the national level

9 Health Professions Health Care Shortage The U.S. is facing a critical Health-care shortage. By 2015, America will be more diverse, populated and older, and will need approximately 260,000 more nurses than we have now. But the nursing shortage is only part of the story. Hospitals nationwide report not having enough pharmacists, physicians, and other health-care professionals on staff.

10 Critical need in Indian Country The shortage of Health-care providers is even greater in Native populations. Currently, only.5 percent of the nursing population is American Indian or Alaska Native; and, only six percent of minorities practicing medicine are of African American, Latino or Native American. There is strong evidence that a health-care workforce reflects the diversity of its people is able to provide better quality health care than one that does not (Institute of Medicine, 2003). This is why more Native American students are needed in health-care professions.

11 17 th Annual Na-ha-shnee Health Science Institute OUR FUTURE HEALTH CARE STUDENTS

12 Pipeline Program for Health Sciences Na-ha-shnee  Began in 1996 * 1996-2005: emphasis on nursing * 2005: expanded to include all the health care professions  To date have served over 370 Native youth  Unofficial statistics: 70% of these students have gone on to college; not all have entered a health profession degree program.

13 Na-ha-shnee Health Science Institute Purpose: To encourage our Native Youth to explore the health science careers through hands-on learning experiences at a 12 day camp experience. Participation: Native American male & female students who will be entering 10 th, 11 th and 12 th grades in the fall of 2013 Requirements: GPA 2.5

14 WSU City Lab Learning how to measure liquid

15 Return to using traditional foods Provide other opportunities for students to connect with their Native American culture.

16 Exercise Tipi Sweeping Game

17 Sterilization Student checking for missed spots after hand washing

18 CPR and First Aid Training

19 Health Career workshops Exercise & Physiology workshop

20 Pharmacy Workshop on what a Pharmacy Professional does, here learning about pill distribution.

21 Sterile gowning Learning about the importance of sterile gowning and gloving.

22 High Ropes Challenge Course: Teaches YES THEY CAN, and leadership skills are introduced for team work, and overcoming fears.

23 Future Pharmacy students Learning to measure ingredients

24 Added a math curriculum to camp Learning how to graph and understand formulas

25 Learning to suture pigs feet

26 Research Project: PhotoVoice Students learn how to conduct a research project, they were directly involved with the process, the title of the Poster “Discovering student’s perceptions of college and health careers using PhotoVoice”

27 Closing Dinner Invited parents, friends, grandparents, & WSU Administration

28 Elder teachings Importance of keeping traditional ways

29 Native American Health Sciences at WSU Spokane Robbie Paul, PhD WSU Spokane PO Box1495 Spokane, WA 99210-1495 509-324-7440

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