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Examination Checklist for Students 2008 / 2009 Exams Office, NUI Galway.

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1 Examination Checklist for Students 2008 / 2009 Exams Office, NUI Galway

2 Exams – Personal Timetable The Exam Timetable was made available on Friday 13 March. Every student who is registered in 2008/09 will receive a Personal Exam Timetable, see Exams Office web site. Your exam timetable is based on your Registration Statement, if you are missing exams from your personal timetable, go to the Student Contact Centre, Ground Floor, Áras Uí Cathail (9am to 5pm, lunch inclusive)

3 Before the Exams – Access to Past Exam Papers Examination papers are available on-line Library System – library web page  html html New system which gives access to papers from Semester I 2007-2008 onwards. 

4 Exams – Personal Timetable You access your timetable using your student ID & your PIN no PIN numbers can be reissued & sent to your NUI,Galway email account, please see Exams Office web site for more info Delete any unwanted emails in your NUIG email as PIN numbers cannot be sent if you have reached the quota on your mailbox

5 At the Exam You need to bring your College ID with you to all exams. If you don’t have your ID Card with you, you will be charged €20 for verification of identity and registration. You will be charged €20 for every exam where you do not have your ID card. There are no exceptions to this regulation. ID’s are required to confirm Students' identify,contact the Admissions Office if you have lost your Student ID card

6 At the Exam Be at the Exam venue 20 minutes before the start of the exam, you will be seated 10 minutes before the exam starts. Don’t bring Mobile phones or personal belongings into the exam with you. We advise that you do not bring valuables to the exam venue. If you are found with a mobile phone during the exam it will be confiscated. You can collect it later from the Exams Office, a fine €20 will be charged.

7 At the Exam All permitted material which you bring into the exam must be free of annotations, for example Law Acts and calculators, and will be checked by invigilators. Calculator covers must not be brought into the exam. At the end of the exam you must remain seated until the invigilator has collected your script booklets.

8 At the Exam Please read the Exam Regulations on the Exams Office webpage. If an incident in the exam hall leads the invigilator to believe that you may be in breach of the Exam Regulations a report will be made to the Exams Security Group and you may be called for interview by the Group. More information is available on the Exams webpage.

9 Offices to contact in the event of ….. Replacement Student ID Card Student Contact Centre, Ground Floor, Áras Uí Chathail Missing an exam from your timetable Student Contact Centre Leaving the CourseCollege Office and/or Head of School Absence due to illness / personal reasons College Office and/or Head of School Feeling lost at CollegeCounselling, Chaplaincy

10 More Information Further information is available on the Examinations Office website: Good luck with your exams! And finally…..

11 Registration for Next Year Please remember that registering on time and for the correct modules is very important, as it will affect your exam timetable for both Semester 1 and 2 exams. Your registration timetable will be available on-line in mid-August:

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