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Your Personalized Exam Timetable Full Public Exam Timetable.

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2 Your Personalized Exam Timetable

3 Full Public Exam Timetable

4 Hall Hall Balcony Room 723 Key Exam Venues

5 Exam Clashes Emails sent to affected candidates Please refer to the revised schedule attached Centre Supervision – Blocked contacts with outside, no access to internet/phone/fax, only food and books are allowed, supervised toilet breaks Overnight Supervision – parents responsible for the supervision

6 IB Answer Booklet Guide It is extremely important that you follow the instructions in the IB Answer Booklet Guide. Boxes are provided in the guide for you to practice. YOU MAY LOSE MARKS IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR EXAMS.


8 Candidate Details Your session number in the following format:

9 Candidate Details Put your full name on the answer book. (Same as your name on ID document’s)

10 IB Conduct of the Examinations Notice to Candidates A copy of this document is in your leaver pack. It is your responsibility to read and familiarize yourself with this document. Any questions, or anything you don’t understand, email Mr. Johnny Wong. (

11 In addition to the Notice to Candidates General: You must bring photo ID to every exam and place it on your desk where visible to the invigilators (recent photo on ID please!) Arrival: If you are late call Mr. Johnny Wong on 2230 4720. On arrival report immediately to Mr. Johnny Wong. You may not be allowed entry to the exam, depending on the circumstances. Temporary Absence: If you are unwell during an exam, raise your hand and an invigilator will take you to the nurse who will assess if you are fit to return. Academic misconduct: Do not bring paper or mobile phones/electronic items with data storage (other than permitted calculators) into the exam room. May lead to Malpractice. Early departures: No toilet breaks during first hour or last 15 minutes. School policy – no early departures, you must stay until the end. End of examination:  It is your responsibility to complete your coversheet before you hand in your script.  You must not disclose or discuss in any way the content of an exam outside the immediate school community within 24 hours after the end of the exam.

12 If you are Unwell on Exam Day If you are unwell, try to come to school and take the exam. Inform Mr. Johnny Wong or an invigilator that you are unwell (especially important if you are infectious!). Get a doctor's note after your exam and go to see Mr. Johnny Wong as soon as possible. You may be eligible to apply for special consideration. If you are too unwell to come to school you MUST give a doctor’s note to Mr. Johnny Wong as soon as possible. You will only be able to apply for special consideration if you have already completed at least 50% of the assessments for that subject (which must include an externally assessed piece of work).

13 Emergency Procedure In the event of a fire alarm or lock down, DON’T PANIC! The invigilator will stop the exam and tell you to close your exam paper. Remain seated in silence, face forward, listen carefully and follow instructions. In the event of a false alarm, the exam will be restarted when the alarm stops and you will be given the full time to complete your exam. In the event of an evacuation, if you talk about the content of the exam, you will not be allowed to return to complete the exam.

14 Severe Weather Warnings WARNING SIGNALSSTATUS OF PUBLIC EXAM PUBLIC EXAMS WILL GO AHEAD AS TIMETABLED. Check the school website and your school email before you leave home (postponement possible) If your route to school is affected and you will be late, phone 22304720 PUBLIC EXAMS WILL BE POSTPONED UNTIL LATER IN THE DAY. Check the school website and your school email for rescheduled start times.

15 Severe Weather Arrangements Arrangements relating to examinations differ from those relating to the school as a whole. Be aware that postponed exams may be rescheduled to start in the evening or over a weekend. Do not phone the school. Listen to the radio/TV and check the school website and your school email for announcements. If you have already left home, proceed to school unless it is unsafe or you are unable to do so. If you are in school, you must remain there until you are told it is safe to leave.

16 Exam Results Issue online at 20:00 HK Time on 6 th July 2014 Access results with PIN sheet (same as TOK Upload) Certified true copies available from 8 th July Tues at 10:00 am at School Office If you are leaving IS, email Ms Jamie Chan before your last exam ( giving address to post certificates

17 All loantexts need to be returned on that day outside the General Office. Outstanding library books will also need to be returned outside the General Office. All outstanding fees need to be paid. NO Certificates will be given for anyone with outstanding payments Y13 Sign-Off Period 21 – 28 May 2014

18 And finally….. If you feel like this… Please remember…

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