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Computer Basic By: Nat G7J.

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1 Computer Basic By: Nat G7J

2 What is a Computer Store, Process and Retrieve Data Access Internet
Make Document and Presentation Play games Accounting

3 What are types of Computer and How they are use?
-Desktop Computer- Not Portable, Make Document….. -Laptop Computer- Portable, Make document…. -Server- Stored Web page, Web apps -Tablet Computer- Play games, Look at internet -Mobile Phone- Call people or play games…… -Game Console- Play games -TV- Watch Program

4 What is an Operating System? List types?
Manipulate Computer - Boot up your Computer - Run test to make sure everything is ok - Gain access to CPU, memory, storage Most important software Types of OS -The Windows -OS X -Linux logos

5 What is an application?List type and how they are use
Perform Specific Task (Multi Tasking) Types of Apps - Word Processor- Create Document - Personal Finance- Track your income - Web Browser- Make you access to internet - Games- Solitaire, FreeCell, Chess ….. - Media Player- Listen to song or watch movie - Gadgets- Calculator, maps…….

6 What Cloud Computing and why you want to use it?
The internet Stored on Server Let you access you to , Calendars ……. Types- Mozyhome- Back up your data Convenience and reliability Lose your data harder

7 What is web apps and how they are use?
Run in the cloud (Don’t need to be installed) Types - Facebook- Play games, interact with your friend - - Sent mails to your friend - Google Docs- Office Suits

8 What is Desktop Computer and it basic parts?
-Computer Case- Contains Motherboard and CPU -Monitor- Video card and LCD -Keyboard- Primary way to Communicate -Mouse- Move your cursor and click on things -Power Cord- Link Power outlet and Power supply

9 What is a Laptop computer and its basic parts?
Battery or AC Computer All-in-one design Parts - Touchpads- The same as mouse, but on your keyboard - Battery- Help your computer stay for some amount of time without charging - AC adapter- Link to the plug and your battery to charge -MagSafe- Prevent damage from when some trip the cable - Ports- USB

10 What is difference between laptop and desktop computer
-Laptop is more portable than desktop -Laptop gains you more freedom -Laptop is easier to view photos or use the internet than desktop. -Desktop can store  more music files, games, or others computer -Powerful Desktop is much cheaper than the powerful laptops. -The desktop is much easier to upgrade or change some parts

11 What is a mobile computer and how they are use?
Tablets and E- readers Virtual Keyboard Play games, Watch Video, listen to music….. - Feature - Mobile OS- Android - Wi-Fi 3G/4G- Access internet - Bluetooth- Wireless connection

12 How you set up a desktop and laptop computer?
- Plug in AC adapter and open your computer and us it -Desktop 1. Unpack your Computer case and monitor and set it 2. Find Monitor Cable 3. Plug it into the Computer case 4. Unpack keyboard and plug the cable to the case 5. Unpack the mouse and plug in the cable to the case 6. If you have speakers, audio … plug it in to the case (Not necessary if you don’t have one) 7. Locate your power supply cable, plug one to computer case and surge protector. Another cable to Monitor and surge protector 8. Plug the surge protector to wall outlet and you’re done. 

13 How find files on PC or MAC?
PC- Click Windows Explorer on your tab bar and it will appear MAC- Click Finder on your tab and it will appear

14 What need to be done to keep your computer Healthy
-Keep it Cool -Safeguarding -Backing up -Keep your computer clean (Monitor, Case…..) From ash……

15 How do you create a safe workspace
-Adjust your Chair -Keep Keyboard and Comfortable Height -Keep the Mouse Close to the Keyboard -Place the Monitor at a comfortable distance -Avoid Clutter -Take Frequent Breaks

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