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Alternative Media Chapter 10.

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1 Alternative Media Chapter 10

2 Alternative Media Programs
Buzz Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Product Placement – T.V programming and in Movies Branded Entertainment Lifestyle Marketing Off shoot of event marketing

3 What’s Happening? Grabs your attention right away!!!!!
Here it is. Conor Grabs your attention right away!!!!! Escalator Advertising:

4 Alternative Media Venues
Cinema In-tunnel, subway Parking lot/street Escalator Airline in-flight Leaflets and brochures Carry home menus Carry home bags Clothing Mall signs Kiosks

5 Traditional Media using a different approach

6 Alternative Media Examples

7 In-Store Marketing 70% of purchase decisions made in store
In-store atmospherics Sight, sound, and scent Video screens and television monitors Customize messages, e.g., Wal-Mart with 127 million shoppers per week

8 Point-of-Purchase Displays
An extension of in-store displays Location is key Last chance to reach buyer Facts 70% of decisions are made in store 50% of money spent at mass-merchandisers and supermarkets is unplanned 50% of Coca-Cola products from displays Average increase in sales is 9% Half of POP displays not effective Half that are effective – 20% increase in sales

9 Brand Communities Ultimate demonstration of brand loyalty and devotion
Usually some kind of symbolic meaning to the customer Interactions between the brand and consumers, as well as shared values and experiences between consumers Cannot be created by brands itself Marketing enhances the “community experience” Examples of brand communities include: Harley Davidson Jeep

10 Affirmation of the buying decision. Social identity and bond.
F I G U R E Reasons Brand Communities Form Affirmation of the buying decision. Social identity and bond. Swap stories. Swap advice and provide help to others. Feedback and new ideas.

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