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MONDAY. (11L): RESEARCH ESSAY Do Now: Choose the correct verb or noun tense and rewrite the sentence correctly 1. The birds (sings/sing) a song in the.

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2 (11L): RESEARCH ESSAY Do Now: Choose the correct verb or noun tense and rewrite the sentence correctly 1. The birds (sings/sing) a song in the morning. 2. Peter (plays/play) the piano like a professional. 3. Cookies (tastes/taste) like heaven. 4. The brothers (visits/visit) their mother every year. 5. Their family (make/makes) tamales every Christmas. Early Finisher: Why do you think it is important that we use proper grammar in our writing? Write a half a paragraph response to this question.

3 OBJECTIVES SWBAT agree subjects and verbs in sentences. SWBAT determine the criteria of a good essay. SWBAT make predictions throughout their independent reading. SWBAT choose a college to focus on for their research project.

4 KWL CHART We will be writing a research essay this unit. Before I tell you what I expect from you, I want to know what you already know. Instructions: 1.Complete the KWL chart with your partner. 2.When I bring you back together, we will share what we have in our charts.

5 NOTES Research Essay: an essay in which the writer has to find information and then report that information. What does it look like? 1.5 paragraphs 2.Final Draft will be typed When is it due? 1.It will be due in parts. Parts must be turned in on time for full credit. 2.Final Final Draft will be due 2/20

6 KWL CHART #2 What does an Outstanding Essay look like? Instruction: 1.Complete the KWL chart with your partner 2.We will share out, so be ready to participate! BONUS: why did I put a comma before the word “so” in step 2 of the instructions?

7 NOTES Prompt: Pick a college or university from the list provided. Conduct research about the academics, cost, and campus life. Use that information to write an expository essay informing your reader about the college you chose.

8 ESSAY REQUIREMENTS 5 Paragraphs; Paragraph #1: Introduction Paragraph #2: Information about Academics Paragraph #3: Information about Finances/Cost Paragraph #4: Information about Sports/Campus Life Paragraph #5: Conclusion

9 APPENDICES Appendix: An extra part of an essay, where you put information that you could not fit or chose not to include in the main essay. Your essay will have one appendix. You appendix will include: 1.1-3 images of your college. 2.A caption describing the picture.

10 SOURCES You will also have a page where you list all the websites you used to obtain information. Remember you may paraphrase, but you cannot take credit for words that are not yours. Stealing other people’s words is called plagiarism. Your essay will receive a Zero and your parent will have to come in for a parent conference if you plagiarize!

11 FINAL PRODUCT By the end of 2/20 you will have: 1.A beautifully written essay 2.Expert information on a college 3.Experience doing research (very important for college)

12 EXPECTATIONS Computer or Computer Lab Time: Your time doing research in class is essential. I know you will not goof off because you want to write a good essay and I want you to write a good essay too! You will have writing tasks along with your research time. If you do not complete your writing task, you will have complete it for homework. Stay on task so you won’t have to do that!

13 SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT Directions: take notes along with me on the worksheet provided for you. Directions: complete each section on the worksheet. Be ready to share your answers!

14 SINGULAR/PLURAL INDEFINITE PRONOUNS POSTER You will use the chart give to you to create a poster that you will reference. You need this in case you are not sure if a pronoun is singular or plural. You will tape this mini poster in your notebook.

15 INDEPENDENT READING Today, we will continue making predictions in our reading. In your notebooks you will write your prediction and when you are done with your book, you can check to see if your prediction was correct.

16 PICK YOUR COLLEGE Pick one of the colleges on the list. This is the college that you will be writing about.


18 (12L) TITLE: RESEARCH DAY 1 Do Now: Let’s walk over to the computer lab. You will need your notebook and a pencil. (If lab is not available) Do now: Set up your lap top so that we can begin our research.

19 OBJECTIVES SWBAT use e-text features to obtain information. SWBAT begin to create a multi paragraph essay.

20 RESEARCH You will complete research on the second paragraph of your essay. We are skipping the introduction for now. Directions: 1.Use the information in your packet to answer the questions. 2.Paraphrase the information and write at least two sentences per question. 3. If you do not finish, your homework (due Thursday/Friday) is to complete Paragraph #2 in your research packet.

21 Thursday/Friday


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