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2  Having updated software and equipment is important in rehab facilities  It gives the therapist more time to spend with the patients and less time worrying about scheduling, bill paying, and just getting the paperwork done. INTRODUCTION

3  Physiotherapy software  Carepoint  Planetrehab  NetOccu DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOFTWARE

4  Developed by Mavenlive  It allows you to do the following things  Automated assessments  Automated exercise prescription  Automated correspondence  Automated documentation PHYSIOTHERAPY SOFTWARE

5  Guides you through a logical assessment that is point and click  Reduce the need for typing  Positive allows you to concentrate on your patient AUTOMATED ASSESSMENTS

6  Suggests and generates appropriate exercises for you patients  The software bases it off the assessment NO MORE SEARCHING FOR EXERCISE AUTOMATED EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION

7  Not only can it suggest exercise but it can write correspondence letters automatically  Writing discharges and letters to your patients doctors AUTOMATED CORRESPONDENCE

8  Once you have finished with the patient everything that you did with them is documented in a clear easy to read format  This way you can go back and make changes over and over again AUTOMATED DOCUMENTATION

9  Easy to use  Everything is on a computer so no more paper  Organized  Nothing gets loss  Any Occupational or Physical therapist has access to the information WHY THIS SOFTWARE IS BENEFICIAL

10  Designed by therapist for inpatient, outpatient, and contact therapy providers  Easy-to-learn and easy- to-use.  Only requires 10 minutes daily per therapist  Unique tools maximize revenue for therapy resources used  Reduce cost with simple screens that drive compliance, billing and payroll  Integrated planning and scheduling to maximize CAREPOINT

11  Improves the quality of care and reduce cost for physical, occupational, and speech therapist  Flexible tools reduce training, document preparation and oversight cost  Includes full compliance with all federal and state regulations  Document copy tool cuts preparation time to 10 minutes daily per therapist CAREPOINT DOCUMENT SOFTWARE

12  Allows therapist quick easy access to document your patients progress  Also a quick easy way to do billing and making sure that your payroll is right WHY IS THIS SOFTWARE BENEFICIAL

13  Physical Therapy Practice Management Software that puts you in control of your business  Some of the features include  Charges are billed daily  Scheduling is easy  Physical and occupational therapy electronic medical records  Reports are plentiful and customizable  Managing multiple clinics and or therapist built in  The software handles back office work including statusing claims, appeal of non pays, follow-ups on slow pays, processing EOB’s and entering payments and patient billing PLANETREHAB

14 This software is beneficial because it allows you to if you wanted to run your own rehab facility to do this in a nice organized way. It allows you to set up billing for patients and have the computer remind them. It is also beneficial because it allows you to schedule patients in a more quick and easy way. This way you can spend more time helping them then worrying about e little things. WHY IS THIS BENEFICIAL

15  For most practices, more time is spent processing patients than performing any other task  So the NeccOccu make this easier for Occupational Therapist NETOCCU

16  There are many benefits for owning this type of software by  Integrated HICAPS interface for private health insurance claiming patient recalls and incomplete treatment tracking  Has Microsoft word for letter generating  This software even incorporated a programs so you can making labels  Treatment plan tracking and creation, as well as patient not history recording  Appointment scheduling NETOCCU CONTINUES

17 Results  Improved practice efficiency  Improved practice productivity  Improved patient financial information  Improved correspondence, marketing, and practice analysis capabilities Outcomes  A quality of practice images  More time to interact with you patients  Happier employees and more satisfied patients KEY RESULTS AND KEY OUTCOMES OF THE NECCOCCU


19 PRIMUSRS  This piece of equipment is used for multiple-joint testing, orthopedic rehab, neuromuscular reduction  It is also used for advanced musculoskeletal athletic training for the upper and lower extremities

20 PRIMUSRS CONTINUES  combines the features of over four different machines into one compact product to meet the needs of OT, PT and industrial clients  The PrimusRS can replicate nearly any functional task or activity of daily living.

21 WHY IT IS BENEFICIAL  Provides objective, evidence-support evaluation, treatment and training  Replicate nearly any real world functional activity  Ease of use and expert education and support ensure that you and your facility get the most of your PrimusRS

22  All this equipment and software will be very beneficial to any rehab places. Whether it is inpatient or outpatient it will help you business run smoothly.  This way you can spend more time focusing on getting your patients better and less time focusing on the paperwork. CONCLUSION


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