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Optimos Solutions – Working For You Presented to JMATE 2006.

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1 Optimos Solutions – Working For You Presented to JMATE 2006

2 Successful Enterprise Computing Solutions Application Development and Maintenance  Customer Relationship Management  eCommerce  Enterprise Application Integration  Enterprise Resource Planning  Knowledge Management  Custom Application Development  COTS Implementation  Software Selection  Service Oriented Architecture IT Infrastructure Design and Management  Helpdesk Solutions  Asset Management  Systems Management  Security Management  Network Design and Maintenance  Performance Analysis  Software Support  Multi Channel Support  Technology Outsourcing  Database Analysis and Administration Business Process Expertise  Case Management  Supply Chain Management  Service Management  Financial Management  Human Capital Management  Reporting & Analytics  Business Process Outsourcing  IV&V Services Optimos is an SEI CMM Level - 3 Systems Integrator specializing in industry leading COTS and Non-COTS platforms. We have helped over 300 clients design and implement mission-critical business solutions.

3 C 3 Clinical Case Management System

4 The Optimos C 3 Application  The Optimos C 3 application suite is a comprehensive solution for substance abuse and rehabilitation clinics  C 3 provides several small customizable modules that form a fully integrated, seamless clinical system Referral/ Screenin g Assessm ent Treatmen t Planning Monitorin g Reporting

5 C 3 = Client Centric Care

6 Referral / Screening  Track referral source information  Capture initial client demographic information and client priority information  Conduct pre-screenings to determine eligibility  Search admissions to determine existing clients  Create client records with pre- populated information from client referrals  Perform intake activities such as capturing billing information, tracking signed orientation packages, and assigning staff to clients

7 Assessment  Allows clinical staff to administer the Addiction Severity Index Lite (ASI Lite) assessment electronically  Allows clinical staff to create a detailed and comprehensive summary by the click of a button  Converts a client's ASI Lite responses into sentences and compiles these sentences into the appropriate sections of a client’s interpretive summary

8 Treatment Planning  The treatment planning module allows staff to quickly build treatment plans for clients  We have incorporated the standard tiered treatment plan model into our tool to allow users to create:  Problems/issues  Goals  Objectives  Intervention

9 Monitoring  Track client services and productivity  Capture Diagnostic information  Track individual and group progress note documentation linked to the treatment plan  Modify treatment plans  Link staffing meeting recommendations to treatment plans  Step up/down levels of care  Create authorizations and transfers  Track discharge information

10 Reporting  Generate a list of all key tables used in the system for data extraction  Capabilities for saving queries for public/private use  Generate results in HTML, XML or EXCEL formats

11 Benefits of C 3

12  Creates a client focused solution to manage all cases electronically  Completely automates current paper-based case management process  Provides a flexible structure for growth of new grant-funded projects  Facilitates data extraction easily and efficiently to meet Federal and State reporting requirements  Ability to connect all services to share one common database of case information with the ability to refer to specific treatment agencies  Tracks referral source and pre-screening information used to determine eligibility  Ability to collect and report data to oversight agencies and grantors  Leverages leading products and techniques to tailor a secure solution that ensures the safest possible information exchange without degrading existing systems

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