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Destination Leadership September 20, 2008 Brittany Johnson

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1 Destination Leadership September 20, 2008 Brittany Johnson
Team building Destination Leadership September 20, 2008 Brittany Johnson

2 Program Objectives (1 of 2)
Understand the TEAM concept Sharpen communication techniques and skills Learn techniques for building a better TEAM! Reflect on your style and role as a team leader

3 Program Objectives (2 of 2)
Sharpen your team’s goal setting, motivation, and output/performance Understand your team members and team dynamics Practice, discuss, and problem solve

4 Definition of Team Building?

5 Team Building: Any exercise or program that helps a group of INTERDEPENDANT people create LONG-TERM behavior change resulting in a more efficient or productive culture. Identify characteristics of a good team The Leaders Institute

6 Process of Team Building The 12 C’s (1 of 2)
Set Clear Expectations. Determine/clarify goal(s) of the organization. Context: Understand the vision, mission and objectives of the org. Commitment: Do members want to participate? Competence: Do the members have the knowledge, skills and capability to address issues for which the team forms? Charter: Has the member taken leadership for their assigned area? Control: Does the team have enough freedom and empowerment to feel ownership to the organization? 2. Can members define the importance of the team? 3.

7 Process of Team Building The 12 C’s (2 of 2)
Collaboration: Does the team understand team and group process? Is conflict resolution established? Communication: Are members clear about the priority of their tasks? Do they communicate clearly and honestly with one another? Creative Innovation: Is the org. interested in change? Does the org. value creative thinking and new ideas? Consequences: Do team members feel responsible and accountable for team achievements? Coordination: Are team members working together effectively? Is planning occurring with other departments/organizations? Cultural Change: Does the organization recognize when change occurs or when change is needed? The Leaders Institute

8 Characteristics of a good TEAM
High level of interdependence among members Leaders have good people skills and is committed to team approach Each member is willing to contribute A relaxed climate for communication Members develop a mutual trust The group and individuals are prepared to take risks Group is clear about goals and establishes targets Member roles are defined Members know how to examine errors without personal attacks The group has capacity to create new ideas Each member knows s/he can influence the agenda Other ways to help build a TEAM: Take Personality Inventories, identify personal strengths, take retreats, build trust Any teambuilding program or activity should be focused on strengthening one or more of these characteristics. This is a good checklist to determine whether or not a program will have value and lasting effects for your group. Are There Situations in which Teamwork can be Detrimental? YES! If the group is not primarily interdependent, then teamwork can be detrimental to the effectiveness of the group. For instance, teambuilding programs for salespeople will usually be counterproductive. Salespeople are typically independent and self-motivating. Therefore, teambuilding activities will be seen by the group as a waste of time. More effective training for group who is not interdependent would be communication training, leadership training, or other forms of personal development. If the group is interdependent, but doesn't realize that the actions of the individual affect the group, then teambuilding activities will also meet with resistance. This may occur in an organization where departments are autonomous. Department heads may begin to see themselves in competition with other department heads for resources including budgets, capital, and personnel. Before implementing teambuilding activities with this type of group, spend some time helping the group realize how interdependent they really are.

9 Good and Bad experiences with TEAMS

10 Goal Setting

11 Questions??

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