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Our AVID Family Grows Together

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1 Our AVID Family Grows Together
Team Building Our AVID Family Grows Together

2 Ice Breaker: Forced Choice Grouping
Participants must write choice by the appropriate number. Give participants a specified time (2 minutes) to walk around the room and compare answers with others. They write the person’s name and make tally marks beside the numbers where they have the same answer. Compare with as many as possible. Total the tally marks and place above the 10 for each person. Write the names in the blanks for most and least in common. Handout page 2 2

3 Team – A Definition “A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable.” (Katzenbach and Smith, The Wisdom of Teams, 1993) What are 3 words or phrases that you think are necessary for a successful team? Discuss at your table what are the key ingredients of a team. Share out. 3 Handout page 3

4 Why Would We Do Such a Thing?
Quickwrite – Why should we work on building “teams” (adults and students) in AVID? Seek out the person you had the most/least in common in the ice breaker activity. Report out key ideas. 4

5 Benefits of Team Building
What are the benefits of team building? What are the pitfalls of not working to build your teams? 5

6 T-Chart What are the benefits of team building? What are the pitfalls? In your table groups, create a T-Chart listing the benefits and pitfalls. Chart the major ideas from the total groups after the table discussion. 6 Handout page 4

7 Twelve Cs for Team Building
Clear Expectations – Does the team know the expected performance and outcomes? Context – Why are they participating on the team? Commitment – Team members want to participate on the team! Competence – Does the team feel that they have the right people on the team or can get the help they need to perform? Handout page 3 7

8 Twelve Cs for Team Building
Charter – Has the team taken its task and designed its own mission, vision and strategies to accomplish the mission? Control – Does the team have enough freedom and empowerment to feel ownership? Collaboration – Does the team understand team and group processes, roles and responsibilities? Handout page 3 8

9 Twelve Cs for Team Building
Communication – Is there a method for the teams to give and receive honest feedback? Creative Innovation – Is the organization really interested in change? Does it value creative thinking, unique solutions, and new ideas? Consequences – Do team members feel responsible and accountable for team achievements? Are reward and recognition supplied for the team when it is successful? Handout page 3 9

10 Twelve Cs for Team Building
Coordination – Is the team coordinated by a central leadership team that assists the group to obtain what they need for success? Cultural Change – Is the team committed to doing things differently than they have been done before? “How to Make Teams Effective” Susan M. Heathfield, Guide Handout page 3 10

11 Celebrate Your Effective Team
Design a poster that you could post in your site team room or in your AVID classroom that illustrates you are an effective team using the Twelve C’s as your guide! 11

12 Building an AVID Student Team – An Activity
Students are challenged to physically support one another in an effort to occupy an ever smaller space. All Aboard! Use a rope, tarp, or other platform as the space definer. Ask the group to try to fit into a relatively easy space allowing them success. Gradually decrease the size of the space and challenge the group. If you split the students into small groups, which group can get into the smallest space. Debrief the activity asking the students what they learned about working together. Handout page 3 12

13 Give One… Get One… Write down on three post-it notes a successful team building activity you have done so you can share it with someone. Stand up and share your post-it notes. Give them away and get new ideas. 13

14 Other Ways? What are some other ways to build your AVID student teams? Things to ponder: types of activities, time together, during school, outside of school, cost factors. 14

15 Other Ways? What kinds of things can be done with your AVID classes to build a cohesive team? Things to ponder: get-togethers, community service, participation in school events, participation in events outside of school, etc. 15

16 Another example of a team…
Don’t forget about your AVID site TEAM! Is it functioning like a “team”? 16

17 THINK: How did the first AVID Site Team work together?
Read “The Power of the AVID Site Team” written by Mary Catherine Swanson and take notes/highlight. Think about this site team and compare/contrast with your present site team. Table Talk: What can you do to make your site team more effective for your AVID program? Share out your tables ideas. Handout page 5-6 17

18 Combining Your Teams As you build your student and site teams, what can you do to build a cohesive, inclusive AVID team – students, staff and the rest of the AVID community together? On chart paper, write your ideas for sharing out. 18

19 Contact information Name Address Phone (000)

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